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Product introduction of horizontal wet scrubber

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Product description

Wet scrubbers are divided into vertical and horizontal scrubbers according to different shapes, subject to local restrictions. Or generally use horizontal wet scrubbers when installing indoors. The horizontal wet scrubber adopts a floor-standing tower body, and the output is translated and output in French. Specifically, it consists of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, an air inlet section, a spray layer, a resin layer, a swirling defogging layer, an air outlet cone cap, and an inspection hole.

Principle of horizontal wet scrubber

As acid mist enters the horizontal scrubber, breathing problems caused by movement and the leaching tower are interference treatments. Due to structural reasons, the height of the system wind is greatly reduced. The gas-liquid two-phase full contact with the external absorption liquid absorbs and neutralizes the reaction. After the acid mist defogging is purified, after purification, the acid mist defogging board extracts the mist and discharges it into the atmosphere from the engine. The absorption liquid is sprayed down at the top of the tower after passing through the pump water channel at the bottom of the tower, and then returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist needs to meet the discharge of the national emission standard, forming the national emission standard.

Structure design of PP horizontal wet scrubber

The PP horizontal wet scrubber is a square or cylindrical structure. The full tower structure is mainly composed of three parts, namely liquid storage, air intake, spraying, dehydration and air outlet. Among them, the acid-resistant water pump device is used for wet scrubbing. The outside of the device is connected with the inlet and outlet pipes of the wet scrubber, and the plastic balls are respectively installed in the spray. The wet scrubber is made of PP board material in one piece and has the characteristics of compact structure, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and smooth appearance.

1. Dewatering part: plastic isolation type produces water and gas separation;

2. Water spraying part: high-pressure water spraying produces mist, which is divided into upper and lower sections to expand the contact treatment and improve the function;

3. Filling material: It is sea urchin or crown shape, and PP is integrally formed;

4. The circulating water tank is equipped with an overflow prevention port and a 50mm water level overflow discharge pipe;

5. Observation window: 5mm thick transparent acrylic board;

6. Automatic water adding device: automatic control of float liquid level;

7. Dosing pump: 22 L/H acid and alkali resistant quantitative pump is adopted.

Horizontal wet scrubber

The advantages and uses of horizontal wet scrubbers:

The PP board high-concentration horizontal wet scrubber is one of the waste gas treatment equipment of the PP wet scrubber. It has low resistance, low energy consumption, low noise, high processing efficiency, and can treat hydrogen chloride gas (HCL), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), A new type of high-efficiency purification tower for ammonia (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), chromic acid mist (CrO3), alkali vapor (NaOH), hydrogen gas (H2S) and other gases, it also has high purification efficiency, compact structure, Small footprint, good corrosion resistance, good aging resistance, and light weight. It is especially suitable for treating corrosive acid mist gas with a certain concentration. Its main purpose is to be used in chemical industry, electronics, hospitals, colleges, research centers and other places.

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