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Problems encountered in the production of pp pipes and their solutions

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With the development of the pipe fitting industry, more and more new pipes are used by people, and PP pipes are also very popular, which also promotes the development of pipe manufacturers. In fact, manufacturers will encounter many problems when producing pipes, such as rough outer surface of the pipe, traces of grooves on the outer surface, and jitter ring in the pipe. How to solve these problems? Let's take a look.

1. Outer surface.PP pipes are relatively rough. Adjust the process temperature and reduce the cooling water temperature. The best cooling water temperature for PE pipe is 20 ~ 25℃. Check whether the waterway is blocked or the water pressure is insufficient. Check whether the heating ring of the barrel, die, etc. is damaged, adjust the water flow of the sizing sleeve, check the performance and batch number of the raw materials, and check the core temperature of the mold. If it is higher than the temperature of the mold section, reduce the core temperature and clean the aggregate of the mold.

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2. Grooves will appear on the outer surface of the pipe. Adjust the water outlet pressure of the sizing sleeve, and the water output must be balanced. Adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum setting box to cool the pipe uniformly. Check the mold, sizing sleeve, cutting machine and other hardware for debris and burrs.

3. The groove appears on the inner surface. Check whether water enters the inner tube. If it is flooded, pinch the tube blank of the rigid mold to seal its cavity, reduce the internal temperature of the mold, and clean and polish the mold.

4. A jitter ring appears in the pipeline. adjust the sizing sleeve to make it even, and adjust the vacuum of the second chamber to make the vacuum of the back chamber slightly higher than that of the front chamber. Check whether the vacuum seal is too tight, check whether the tractor is shaking, and check whether the output of the main engine is uniform.

5. When there is no vacuum.check whether the water inlet of the vacuum pump is blocked, and unblock it when it is blocked. Check whether the vacuum pump is working properly, check whether the vacuum pipeline is leaking, and check whether the small hole in the middle of the pressure core screw is blocked. If it is clogged, clean it with a thin wire.

The main material of PP pipe is polypropylene, which is another excellent resin developed after nylon. PP pipe manufacturers make full use of these advantages of polypropylene to produce PP pipes with certain strength and toughness. The advantage of this kind of pipeline is that it can reduce some weight problems in the construction process, reduce the construction pressure, and have a good appearance and use advantages.

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