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Precautions when using plastic dampers

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With the continuous expansion of the application range of plastic dampers, the role played by valve accessories in the application scenarios cannot be underestimated. Once the plastic dampers in normal operation have abnormal conditions, it will bring a lot to the production process of the application scenarios. The impact is precisely because so many users who purchase plastic air valves are extremely concerned about the problems related to the use of air valves. So what issues should be paid attention to when using plastic air valves? The following is a summary of the details that need to be paid attention to when using plastic air valves:

Electric air valve product series

1. Pay attention to the problem of protecting the outer surface of the damper

It is difficult to distinguish PP plastic air valve from ordinary valves only from the working principle and appearance structure of PP plastic air valve, but the plastic air valve can be distinguished well according to the different materials of manufacture. If the outer surface of the air valve is damaged or worn, it may affect its excellent use effect. Therefore, when using the plastic air valve, the outer surface of the air valve must be protected in place to avoid damage to the outer surface. To the normal production of the enterprise.

2. The environment around the application scene should be controlled in a state suitable for the operation of the air valve

Combining many cases of using polypropylene plastic air valve, it can be found that the simple structure of the air valve actually has high requirements for the environmental conditions of the application scene. If an index in the application scene exceeds the index suitable for the normal operation of the air valve It may cause damage to the air valve. Therefore, even if the price of plastic air valves purchased in large quantities is favorable, we must strictly monitor the surrounding environmental conditions, and try to control all the indicators in the environment where the air valve is located in a state that can play a good use effect.

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The above summary of several issues that need to be paid attention to when using PP plastic air valves is here for the time being. I have to admit that with the assistance of plastic air valves, the media flow in many application scenarios has become more controllable, so when companies use polypropylene plastic air valves, they must pay more attention to these details and strive to make the air valve fully functional. The desired effect.

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