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Precautions for installation of air valve

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The air valve is the most critical connecting component in the air purification system, and the installation process is straightforward. But also need to pay attention to the following matters:

Air valve working

1. Before installing the air valve, check whether the frame structure is firm and whether the adjustment, braking, positioning, and other devices are accurate and flexible.

2. The air valve installation is the same as that of the air pipe: align its flange with the flange of the air pipe or equipment, add sealing gaskets, and tighten the bolts to make the connection with the air pipe or equipment firm and tight.

3. When installing the air valve, the valve's operating device should be convenient for manual operation. The installation direction should be consistent with the path marked on the valve body shell.

4. The installed air valve should have clear and accurate opening direction and opening degree signs on the valve body shell.

5. The fusible piece of the fire damper should be installed on the windward side of the air duct, and its melting point should meet the design requirements.

Several commonly used types of air valve installation requirements

Several commonly used air valve types: multi-page control valve, fire damper, check valve, electric control valve, manual control valve.

Multi-page valve

If there are many branches, install a split multi-page control valve at the addition of the duct. If the wind speed at the end is stricter, you can add a split multi-page control valve before the end;

Fire damper

When the air pipe passes through the floor or firewall, a fire damper must be added. The fire damper must be normally open or normally closed according to the system's requirements to meet the fire protection requirements. There are 70-degree fire damper, 280-degree fire damper, and smoke exhaust fire damper. And many more;

Check valve

When the system is worried that the airflow in the room at the end of the individual branch will flow back to the system, it is necessary to add a check valve on this branch;

Electric valve

The electric control valve is generally installed at the air pipe interface of the equipment. If the system requires electric control at the end, it also needs to be added;

The installation of the air duct needs to be distributed and installed according to the specific purification system design plan. Because the air volume control valve plays a vital role in the entire purification system, you should choose a product of qualified quality when purchasing the air valve. Simultaneously, it needs to have the characteristics of fire prevention, corrosion resistance, and good sealing. It is recommended to use the damper products of China Xicheng Environmental Protection Company. The products have undergone strict quality inspection, provide professional purification scheme design, and worry-free after-sales service. The products are exported to many countries around the world.

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