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Precautions for installation and use of waste gas scrubber

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Exhaust gas treatment equipment mainly refers to an environmental protection equipment that protects the environment and purifies the air by recovering or removing and reducing harmful components of exhaust gas by using different process technologies, so that our living environment is not polluted. Waste gas scrubbers should What are the requirements:

Exhaust gas treatment equipment should have the following basic requirements

(1) The gas and liquid in the equipment should have sufficient contact area and contact time.

(2) The gas-liquid phase has strong disturbance, which reduces the mass transfer resistance and improves the absorption efficiency.

(3) Wide operating range and stable operation.

(4) The equipment has low resistance, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and high processing efficiency

(5) It has sufficient mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

(6) The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain.

wet scrubber for air pollution control

Exhaust gas treatment equipment

Safety issues of waste gas treatment engineering

Most industrial waste gas belongs to flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful organic substances and compounds. Such dangerous chemicals are especially important for the safety of waste gas treatment equipment in waste gas treatment projects. Our design and manufacturing principles are: safety first, followed by environmental emission standards. All work is meaningless if the device is removed from security.

The safety of the waste gas treatment project consists of two major parts: first, the safety and reliability of the waste gas treatment itself; second, the safety and reliability of the design of the organic waste gas treatment system. As long as one of the two has a security problem, there is bound to be a security risk.

The selection of exhaust gas treatment equipment must be suitable and reliable, which lays the foundation for compliance with emission standards. Because the composition of the exhaust gas is complex and numerous, the quality of the treatment equipment directly affects the safe production operation and the purification effect of the equipment. Therefore, the discharge of environmental protection standards is the second principle.

The functions of all waste gas treatment equipment are not omnipotent, and the treatment of waste gas is highly targeted. Therefore, some waste gases contain particulate matter, halogen waste gas, heavy metals and other compounds, which interfere with waste gas treatment equipment and even destroy the treatment effect. Therefore, such compounds must be thoroughly purified and removed before entering the exhaust gas treatment equipment.

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