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Precautions and daily maintenance of activated carbon adsorption tower

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Activated carbon adsorption tower is widely used in industrial waste gas treatment, suitable for treating waste gas and malodorous gas in chemical, pharmaceutical, hardware and other industries. The types of organic waste gas that can be purified include benzene, alcohols, ketones, esters, gasoline, etc. Activated carbon adsorption can be used to purify low-concentration, high-volume organic waste gas. It can also be used to purify high-concentration, intermittently discharged organic waste gas, with noticeable effects. However, many companies do not pay attention to equipment maintenance, resulting in equipment performance degradation or even damage, and ultimately face high maintenance costs. Therefore, we will learn about the activated carbon adsorption tower from precautions and daily maintenance.

Activated carbon adsorption system

Precautions for the use of activated carbon adsorption tower

1. Regularly check whether the fan is typical to prevent the fan bearing from falling off due to high temperature. Activated carbon equipment can only operate when the fan is entirely average. If the fan starts after maintenance, you need to pay attention to whether all fan parts are standard.

2. To ensure personal safety, the equipment must be in a stopped state when working in the activated carbon adsorption device. During the regular operation of the equipment, each movable door of the activated carbon adsorption device must be fastened.

3. If the activated carbon is replaced regularly, the adsorption efficiency of saturated activated carbon will be reduced, so it should be discharged from the discharge outlet regularly, and new activated carbon should be installed again. The replacement cycle should be determined according to the actual situation, and the replacement cycle is generally three months when dealing with coating exhaust gas.

4. During the operation of the equipment, if an abnormal situation is found, it should be checked immediately. If it is a minor fault, find the cause in time and try to eliminate it as much as possible. If a significant failure is found, it should be shut down immediately for repair.

Daily maintenance of activated carbon adsorption tower

1. The discharge port on the top of the activated carbon tower is used for sampling and inspection of activated carbon.

2. Observe the entire system weekly to confirm that the activated carbon layer and electronic control equipment are operating normally.

3. Check the door seal once a month, and check all the inlet and exhaust valve controllers, motors and equipment in detail according to their operating functions.

4. Extract activated carbon from each activated carbon layer every month to check whether the activated carbon is clogged or saturated.

5. Check the insulation resistance of the activated carbon tower, fan and its wiring once a month. The method is to use a 500V MΩ meter to measure the insulation resistance from the outlet end of the thermal relay to the ground (the grounding back of the electrical cabinet). If it is less than 0.5m&omega, find out the cause, eliminate the fault, and return to normal.

6. The fan should be maintained once a year, and the insulation resistance of the motor should be more excellent than 2ω

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