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Ponderations on VOC Waste Gas Treatment in Small and Medium Chemical Enterprises

Views: 12     Author: China Xicheng     Publish Time: 2021-07-17      Origin: China Xicheng

Recently, I visited some small and medium-sized fine chemical companies. The common problem of such companies is that the smell is relatively strong, and most of them are also in the treatment facilities, but the actual smell of the factory is still not satisfactory. What is the reason and how to supervise it?

Reason 1: There are several types of problems with the company’s waste gas treatment facilities:

1. Unreasonable design

The design processing capacity is not enough, the small horse-drawn cart.

The selected treatment process is unreasonable, the energy consumption is large, etc.

2. The construction quality is not good enough

Low level of technology and low level of automation

Under the equipment selection, long-term operation is not possible

3. Operational problems

The enterprise's own management level is not high and will not operate

Do not want to operate due to profit issues (energy consumption)

Design and construction problems are superimposed, unable to operate

From a regulatory perspective, the best existing solution is to install an online monitoring system at the end of its treatment facilities to monitor whether the pollution factors meet the emission standards and whether the main parameters of the treatment equipment operation are abnormal. Organized sewage outlets that are not monitored often become centralized detoxification outlets, which are more likely to cause long-distance pollution proliferation.

Reason 2: The company's waste gas collection pipe network problem (easy to ignore)

The generation of waste gas in the fine chemical industry is different from traditional large petrochemical, chemical, and electric power pollution. The waste gas generation is scattered in all aspects of the production process, such as storage, transfer, reaction, press filtration, drying, waste liquid treatment, etc. Whether the waste gas is collected effectively or not is directly related to whether the unorganized emissions in the factory area meet the standards. This is just like the urban sewage treatment problem discussed in recent years. It is easy to build a sewage treatment plant, but it is difficult to build a supporting collection pipe network. There are also several types of problems

  • Unreasonable design

  • Construction is not enough

  • Operation is not in place

For specific problems, it is conceivable to refer to HVAC engineering. Moreover, it is more difficult to implement the supervision.

In terms of supervision, online monitoring can be carried out from three aspects: the total design air volume, the negative pressure of the collection point, and the unorganized concentration of the collection point. From the perspective of results, the operation status of the collection system can be evaluated. The enterprise and environmental protection departments can supplement management. The rewards and punishments can improve its collection effect.

In summary, for the waste gas treatment of small and medium-sized fine chemical companies, whether it is a treatment supplier or a monitoring supplier, they should provide solutions from both treatment and collection aspects. The plan should also consider the entire process of design, construction, and operation management. Special attention should be paid to the collection pipe network.

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