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Polypropylene duct installation and classification

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PP duct is a kind of ventilation duct made of polypropylene material. Compared with other pipe materials, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, non-scaling, low flow resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a kind of plastic pipe widely used at present. Due to these characteristics of the polypropylene PP air duct, it is also used in waste gas environmental protection equipment to reduce the concentration of harmful gases and circulate the air. Since polypropylene ducts are installed in sections, if they are improperly connected, leakage will occur and the desired effect will not be achieved. Therefore, they must be installed in strict accordance with the steps.

The following PP duct manufacturers will tell you the installation process:

1. After the PP duct is transported to the construction site, check the specifications and dimensions of the polypropylene duct according to the drawings, stack them separately according to the system, and mark them to avoid errors during installation.

2. Before installing the air outlet of the PP air duct, check the air outlet carefully to see if there is any damage to the air outlet and whether there are defects on the surface such as scratches. All air outlets with adjusting and rotating parts should be checked for flexibility of moving parts, whether the blades are straight, and whether there is friction with the frame. For the openable air outlet with filter, check whether the filter is damaged.

3. When installing the PP duct, make sure that the diffuser installed on the ceiling is flush with the roof, while the polypropylene duct is hidden. The installation of the tuyere must be firm and reliable, especially the elbow must be connected well.

4. The PP air duct can be put into trial operation after installation, and it can be used formally after the ventilation is unblocked.

PP duct classification:

Processing air duct analysis

According to the cross-sectional shape, it can be divided into: round PP duct, rectangular PP duct, oblate, etc. Among them, the circular PP duct has low resistance and less air leakage, PP duct accessories, small space occupation, and PP duct production. Skills, after testing, in the entire ventilation project, the work, operation, light weight, convenient transportation and installation of circular PP air ducts, and the connection method of PP air ducts, the utilization rate is getting higher and higher.

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