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Polypropylene PP air duct cleaning and protection work

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PP air ducts are mainly used in industrial and construction projects, and the application areas mainly include: the electronics industry of clean room purification systems, pharmaceutical and food aseptic workshop purification systems, hotels, factories, office buildings, shopping malls, air conditioning systems, industrial pollution control and dust , smoke and exhaust ducts, industrial environments, such as oil suction or supply ducts, coal mine drainage gas and drainage gas systems, and coal mine environmental control is the supply and return air system.

700MM diameter PP duct

PP exhaust duct cleaning and protection work:

1. Before installation, internal and external sundries should be removed, and the PP exhaust pipe should be cleaned and protected.

2. The installation location, elevation and direction should meet the design requirements. The configuration of the on-site PP exhaust pipe interface shall not reduce its effective cross-section.

3. The bolts connecting the flanges should be tightened evenly, and the nuts should be on the same side.

4. The connection of the air duct interface should be tight and firm. The gasket of the PP exhaust pipe flange should not protrude into the pipe, and it is not easy to protrude outside the flange.

5. The installation of the flexible short pipe should be moderately tight and without obvious distortion.

6. The connection interface between the air duct and the brick and concrete air ducts should be inserted in the direction of the airflow, and sealing measures should be taken. The PP exhaust pipe should be equipped with a rainproof device when it goes out of the roof

The PP exhaust duct is a new type of composite material with resin as the base material, polypropylene exhaust duct and its products as the reinforcing material, and quartz sand as the filler. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, hydraulic properties, light weight, high strength, large conveying flow, convenient installation, short construction period, and low comprehensive investment, it is a good choice for chemical and drainage projects.

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