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Polypropylene PP Square Pipe - Customized

The PP square tube uses seamless hot-melt welding technology, with good sealing performance and smooth tube surface. Each pipe adopts flange reinforcement technology.
  • XC-08


  • 8414593000

The PP square pipe adopts manual seamless welding technology, which has high cleanliness and good sealing performance. It can be used in air-conditioning ventilation systems and industrial exhaust gas emission systems. The square pipe can be flexibly customized for more special sizes.

Square PP duct connection method

Socket connection, that is, a PP sleeve is welded at the end of each section of the air pipe to facilitate the insertion of the next section of the air pipe;

Flange connection, that is, a PP flange is welded at both ends of each section of the air pipe, and the screw-to-lock connection is used during installation.

Convenient production, welding method for installation, firm, square PP duct flange connection, round and square can be customized

Need to splice flange, easy installation, screw lock, easy to disassemble and maintain

How to strengthen the square PP duct

In industrial exhaust, in most cases, the end centrifugal fan is used to extract the air. The pipeline forms a negative pressure. The industry design specification stipulates the wall thickness and strengthening method of the square PP duct at a certain wind speed. Usually, the square PP While the large square air duct is reinforced with outer flanges, the inner part is supported by PP circular pipes.

Precautions for ordering square PP duct

PP Pipe

Please clarify the following points when ordering square PP ducts:

  • Pipe diameter (outer diameter of pipe);

  • Wall thickness

  • Connection method (socket type or flange type);

  • Strengthening method (whether flange strengthening is required);

  • Quantity (recommended length unit for air duct: meter);

  • Shipping address (for easy calculation of logistics freight)


1. PP pipe has the characteristics of flame retardant and chemical corrosion resistance.

2. The pipe size can be flexibly customized according to the installation height.

3. The PP pipe is light in weight and flexible and convenient to install.



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