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Plastic Ventilation Duct Axial Flow Fan

PP plastic axial flow fan and shell are made of polypropylene (PP) material. This series of fans has the characteristics of simple structure, low noise, easy installation, good anti-corrosion performance, high static pressure and efficiency, stable operation, and low mechanical vibration. It is widely used in pickling section, laboratory, basement, power plant, electroplating, oxidation plant and other places containing corrosive gas. It is also suitable for ventilation in general industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, office buildings, residences and other places.
  • XC-5


  • 8414593000

It can be used for installation in series with intervals in a longer pipeline to increase the pressure in the pipeline. The conveyed gas is not allowed to contain viscous substances, contained dust and hard particles≤150mg/m3, gas temperature≤60℃, and relative humidity≤100%.

The plastic axial flow fan is customized according to the customer's use conditions. It can transport flammable and explosive volatile gases containing methane, ethane, propane, styrene, toluene, xylene, carbon monoxide, acetic acid, kerosene, gasoline, furan, etc.

Detailed analysis of PP axial fan

Market advantages of axial flow fans with plastic ventilation ducts:

1. Energy saving and high efficiency;

2. Polypropylene anticorrosive material injection molding;

3. Socket design, easy to install and maintain;

4. Light weight, convenient design;

5. Equipped with explosion-proof controller;

6. Low manufacturing cost.



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