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Plastic Adjustable Air Check Valve Electric Constant Air Volume Valve

  • XC-12

  • Xicheng

  • 8481804090

Product Description  

Features of air volume control valve:
1. Pressure independent control: the valve body in the valve body to install mechanical pressure compensation components, according to the air inlet and outlet pressure pressure for automatic pressure compensation to ensure that the wind valve in the static pressure changes to maintain a constant set of air flow; Pressure drop 150Pa ~ 750Pa within the scope of pressure to achieve independent control;
2. Accurate air flow control: through the air flow speed controller component positioning, air volume can be quickly adjusted, air volume control accuracy of ± 5%;
3. Air volume adjustment control range: air volume 50m3 / h ~ 1100m3 / h;
4. Fast response: response time to control signal and duct static pressure change:<1 second;
5. Anti-dust, maintenance-free: Compared with the conventional butterfly valve similar products, because this series of products without air flow (or pressure) sensor, so the sensor caused by dirty plug system failure caused by security incidents, improve product stability And durability.
 6. highly anti-corrosion treatment: the use of PP plastic body material, is the product can be high-intensity corrosion conditions in the long-term safe operation;
 7. Control mode switching and remote communication function: This product selection PLC programmable controller, with control mode switching function (software with a variety of operating modes, just set to change the valve running control state) and remote communication function.
 8. High reliability, high quality price, courteous service: domestic quality products, reliable operation, quality and cheap,  provide 24-hour service.

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Company Information  

Shenzhen Xicheng Environmental Teachnology Co., LTD. is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen. It is an environmental protection equipment manufacturer which has been focusing on the environmental protection industry for many years and specializing in the production and sales of environmental protection equipment and various accessories.
With the aims of "Quality First, Mutual Benefit, Cooperation and Win-Win", our company is directed by market demand and has independently developed new varieties to satisfy different industries' needs for the differences and diversification of plastics.




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