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Performance advantages of PP air duct

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The pp air duct is suitable for corrosive gas pumping and exhausting pipes. Specific industries include electroplating, chemical, electronic, and pipe fittings. Sheets, pipes and other main product materials used in the production and installation of air ducts, PP air ducts have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, convenient pipe connection (heat welding, electric welding, pipe connection), and recyclability. Let's analyze its performance advantages with the editor:

1. Superior sound insulation and heat insulation performance

pp air duct has excellent performance of low thermal conductivity. There are countless independent bubbles that are not connected to each other. The thermal conductivity of the gas in the bubbles is low, so as to achieve an excellent heat insulation effect. At the same time, this closed bubble structure prevents water vapor from entering the material smoothly, even on the outer surface. Damaged, because the vapor bubbles are not connected to each other, the water vapor is still isolated. Instead of a closed-bubble structure material, water vapor can penetrate deeply into the material and cause insulation failure.

PP duct series

2. Chemical stability

Macromolecules are inorganic materials, which cannot be achieved by ordinary foaming materials when encountering acidic and alkaline substances.

3. High flame retardancy

Because it is mainly an inorganic component, only the surface is carbonized in case of fire, and the material is not deformed. All indicators of the pp air duct meet the national standards.

4. Non-toxic

After testing, the polymer has no harm to the human body, which is unmatched by glass fiber.

5. High air tightness

According to the requirements, the air leakage can be reached to zero.

pp air duct is mainly used in farmland water delivery system, building water supply system, heating system and chemical pipeline system, etc. It also has good hygienic performance, heat resistance, heat preservation and energy saving, easy installation, reliable connection, raw materials can be recycled, pp air The pipe requirements are simple, the production process is simple and easy to control, and the pipe layout is free.

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