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Packed Tower

Packed tower, filled with a large amount of tower packing and tower internals, is a widely used and important gas-liquid mass transfer equipment. It has been used in industry since the mid-nineteenth century.
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Packed tower, filled with a large amount of tower packing and tower internals, is a widely used and important gas-liquid mass transfer equipment. It has been used in industry since the mid-nineteenth century. With the development of packed tower, it can be divided into plate tower and packed tower. Now, we will introduce packing tower, which has simple structure and high filtration performance.

Packed tower is composed of tower body, base, liner support, liquid distributor, liquid redistributor, tower packing, packing pressing grid, etc.

Working principle of packed tower

The liquid enters from the top of the tower, is evenly distributed on the packing of the tower through the liquid distributor, and then moves along the surface of the packing. The gas enters from the bottom of the tower and is evenly distributed through the gas distribution device. The gas rises through the liquid-reverse path through the voids in the column packing. Gas and liquid will come into contact on the packing surface for mass transfer.

Packed tower is a continuous contact gas-liquid mass transfer equipment, so that the composition of the two phases changes continuously along the height of the tower. Under normal circumstances, the gas phase is a continuous phase, while the liquid phase is a dispersed phase.

When the liquid moves along the packing, it tends to flow to the column wall, which makes the liquid volume on the column wall increase rapidly. This phenomenon, known as wall flow, can lead to uneven distribution of gases and liquids. In order to avoid this situation, when the packing layer is too high, the liquid redistributor is placed in the middle of the tower body.

Features of packed tower

Large production capacity. Plate towers and packed towers work differently. The gas rising in the plate column realizes mass transfer through the liquid layer. The open area on the tray is 7% to 10%. In a packed column, the ascending gas and the descending liquid contact and achieve mass transfer. The opening area of the tower packing is more than 50%, and the void ratio is more than 90%. Therefore, the production capacity of the packed tower is far superior to that of the plate tower in terms of unit cross-sectional area.

High separation efficiency. As we all know, most of the filtration operations in the tower are carried out under atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure. Under these conditions, the filtration efficiency of the packed column is much higher than that of the plate column.

low pressure drop. Packed columns have higher voids, so the pressure drop is lower than plate columns. Under normal circumstances, the pressure drop of the plate column is about 0.4–1.1 kPa/unit theoretical stage, while the pressure drop of the packed column is about 0.01–0.27 kPa. Low pressure drop not only saves operating costs, but also saves energy. It is very suitable for the separation of heat sensitive materials.

Low liquid hold-up. Liquid holdup is the amount of liquid on the packing surface, inside and on the sheet. The liquid holdup of the packed column is less than 6%, while the liquid holdup of the plate column is higher than 8-12%. Although a higher liquid retention can ensure the stable structure of the material and the tower, it requires a long operating time, a long operating cycle, and expensive operating costs, which are not conducive to the distillation process.

High operational flexibility. Operating flexibility refers to the adaptation of the column to the load. In packed columns, operational flexibility depends on the internal design, especially the liquid distributor. Every component, including column packing and column internal threads, offers high operational flexibility. Therefore, the operational flexibility can be adjusted according to different applications. The operational flexibility of tray columns is limited by liquid flooding, liquid entrainment, and downcomer capacity.


Application of packed towers 

Packed towers are widely used in industrial filtration: such as pharmaceuticals, coal mines, petroleum, chemicals, etc.

  • separate.

  • filtering.

  • Vacuum distillation.

  • purify.



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