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Packed Tower Scrubber

Packed tower scrubber are low energy gas scrubbers. For gas absorption, cooling and recovery. Due to their high washing efficiency and low power consumption, they are used in a wide range of applications in many industries. This type of scrubber performs best when the gas to be treated is free of particles, which tend to clog the packing.
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Packed tower scrubbers (also referred to as packed bed or packed column scrubbers) are designed for chemical scrubbing of contaminants from gas streams. Internal packing in the scrubber housing provides a large wetted surface area to induce intimate contact between the contaminated gas and the scrubbing liquid. The contaminant is then absorbed into or reacted with the scrubbing liquid. Recirculation of the scrubbing liquid, which may contain caustic or acid scrubbing agents, is often required to achieve the desired outlet emissions.

In operation, the scrubbing liquid enters the tower through nozzles and is sprayed evenly over the top of the packed bed, allowing it to flow evenly through the packing material from top to bottom without channeling. The gas enters the tower through the inlet near the bottom, enters the packed bed through the support plate, and countercurrently flows with the scrubbing liquid to remove contaminants. After passing through the packed bed, the purified gas passes through the section of the mist eliminator near the top of the column. Here, any entrained liquid is removed before the clean air is expelled through the outlet.

Wet scrubber waste gas treatment process


Packed tower gas scrubbers are designed to remove most common gaseous pollutants with very high efficiency (up to and exceeding 99%) and low pressure loss. Packed tower gas scrubbers come in standard sizes, but can also be specially designed or modified to suit unusual service conditions. If required, Xicheng Ep Ltd can supply complete turnkey systems including fans, recovery pumps and liquid storage for recovery.

Exhaust gas types that can be applied:

Chlorine and HCl are removed.

Water soluble VOC wash.

Ammonia removal.

SO2 and/or H2S removal.



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