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PVC plastic manual damper

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Product Introduction

China Xicheng Environmental Protection Company specializes in the production of PVC plastic manual dampers, made of PP polypropylene, suitable for chemical, laboratory and other ventilation systems with explosion-proof requirements. PVC plastic manual dampers are composed of plastic dampers and pneumatic actuators. Dimensions Support customization, square or round.

PVC plastic manual damper product introduction

The PVC plastic manual air valve is made of PVC and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. The working principle of the PVC plastic manual air valve is the same as that of the PVC electric air valve, except that the electric actuator is changed to a pneumatic actuator, and the air pipe is controlled by a third-party plate solenoid valve. The switch realizes the opening and closing of the PVC plastic manual damper.

PVC plastic manual air valve is suitable for application environments with explosion-proof requirements such as chemical plants and laboratories. It is used in PVC ventilation pipe systems and is connected with PVC air pipes. It is used for exhaust control of corrosive gases, corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant. Alkali, PVC plastic manual air damper has complete specifications, supporting PVC air pipes, elbows, tee, and variable diameters to form a complete PVC ventilation piping system. The pneumatic actuator of the PVC plastic manual air valve can be selected according to the specifications of the air valve. Torque.

PVC plastic manual air valve is a non-closed butterfly valve, which is widely used in universities, chemical industry, biology, electric power, energy, environmental engineering, etc. In the production process, the temperature of the medium is ≤90℃ and the nominal pressure is less than 0.1Mpa. Connecting, opening and closing or adjusting the medium, usually installed on the top of the fume hood, PVC suction hood, and at the entrance of the one-use one-standby spray tower pipe, as a switch to the spray tower exhaust gas flow direction.

Principle of PVC plastic manual damper

The PVC plastic manual damper is installed in the PVC/PP piping system. Through manual operation or PLC automatic control technology, the damper can be opened and closed as required. The principle is that plastic blades are installed in the damper, and the damper is rotated by the damper actuator. , Drive the rotation of the butterfly valve blades to achieve a 90-degree turning angle to achieve the purpose of opening and closing, and has a feedback indication function. Through the pressure difference detection device, after closing the air valve, the signal is transmitted to the PLC system, so as to control the PVC fan frequency converter to reduce the speed and energy-saving operation.

Manual air valve model list

The structure of PVC plastic manual damper

  • Circular structure, flange connection;

  • Square structure, flange connection.

Performance characteristics of PVC plastic manual damper

  • PVC material processing, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong anti-corrosion performance;

  • PVC manual air valve with socket design at both ends, and flange connection can also be welded;

  • High-strength actuator, all-copper design, switch life is more than 20,000 times;

  • The inner and outer walls are smooth and the wind resistance is small.

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