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PP wet scrubber equipment introduction

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PP wet scrubber is a new type of industrial waste gas treatment equipment. It is developed based on an industrial waste gas purifier with a floating packing layer. It is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial waste gas treatment and dust removal. The purification effect is perfect. It is currently super common and super practical in acid-base waste gas treatment. A processing device. The PP wet scrubber produced by China Xicheng is different from the existing scrubbers on the market. It is made of PP material, which is the ultra-lightweight polypropylene among plastics. The wet scrubber produced by China Xicheng is mainly divided into two types. Types: packed tower and cyclone tower, and the packed tower is relatively widely used. When there is more dust in the exhaust gas, a cyclone tower can be selected. The PP wet scrubber has the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption and high purification efficiency. It can effectively remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), and chromic acid mist (CrO3). ) hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN), alkali vapor (NaOH), hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), formalin (HCHO) and other water-soluble gases. The acid mist exhaust gas is introduced into the purification tower through the air pipe and passes through the packing layer. The exhaust gas and the sodium hydroxide absorption liquid undergo gas-liquid two-phase complete contact, absorption and neutralization reaction. The fan is discharged into the atmosphere. The absorption liquid is sprayed down at the top of the tower after being pressurized by a water pump at the bottom of the tower, and then flows back to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets the emission standards.

design a wet scrubber

The PP scrubber includes the main body, packing layer, defogging layer, circulating sprinkler pipeline, and circulating water tank.

The PP scrubber body contains the exhaust gas inlet, outlet, window, maintenance inlet, and the structure of the PP scrubber for support and fixing to ensure the corrosion resistance of the PP exhaust gas scrubber and increase its service life.

Principle and structure of PP scrubber

The PP scrubber is an advanced technology product of environmental protection technology. The role of the PP scrubber is to remove impurities in the gas by reacting with a solvent. It can be used in various industries that produce gas that needs to be scrubbed. The waste gas and waste liquid enter the tower and fully contact the scrubbing liquid in the tower to remove impurities and purify the gas. It includes the main body, filling layer, defogging layer, circulating sprinkler pipeline, and circulating water tank.

Horizontal wet scrubber

The PP scrubber body contains the exhaust gas inlet, outlet, window, maintenance inlet, and the PP scrubber structure for support and fixing to ensure the corrosion resistance of the PP exhaust gas scrubber and increase its service life.

Features: PP scrubber has low noise, stable operation, simple and convenient operation; it is professionally used in the electroplating industry and the acid-base gas produced by Wuduo surface treatment to neutralize it. It uses a high-quality PP board, and the air volume can be adjusted randomly.

Location application

The equipment includes the body, filling layer, defogging layer, circulating sprinkler pipeline, and circulating water tank.

Washing tower body

The scrubber body contains exhaust gas inlets, outlets, windows, maintenance inlets, and structures for supporting and fixing inside the scrubber to ensure the corrosion resistance of the equipment itself and increase its service life.

Filling layer

∮75 Raschig ring is used as the packing material of the washing tower, and its material is PP.

∮75 PP Raschig ring has prominent specific surface area characteristics, low-pressure loss, and low material transfer height. Compared with its filling material, ∮75 PP Raschig ring has higher processing efficiency and lower operating cost.

Defogging layer

Using ∮50 PP hollow ball as the demister material is PP

Circulating sprinkler pipe

The pipe material is PP, and the primary function is to send circulating water to the sprinkler system. The nozzle used in the sprinkler system adopts a spiral nozzle. This nozzle is not easy to be blocked, has a large spray angle, and has the characteristics of uniform droplet distribution. The exhaust gas scrubber can play a practical treatment effect.

Circulating water tank

The circulating water tank is connected to the body of the scrubber system. The capacity of the water tank is 2-3 minutes of circulating water. The inside of the water tank is equipped with a float-type liquid level controller, and the washing water inlet overflow and discharge outlet are reserved.

Applicable objects: electronics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, LCD manufacturing, steel metal industry, electroplating and metal surface treatment industry, pickling process, dye/pharmaceutical/chemical industry, deodorization/chlorine neutralization, combustion exhaust SOx /NOx removal, other water-soluble air pollution.

Performance characteristics of PP wet scrubber:

(1) Physical performance: PP scrubber is remarkably stable to water, and its water absorption rate in water for 14 hours is only 0.01%. The molecular weight is between 80,000 and 150,000, and the moldability is good.

(2) Mechanical properties: PP scrubber has high crystallinity and stable structure, so it has excellent mechanical properties, and its strength, hardness and elasticity are higher than high-density PE (HDPE). The outstanding feature is the resistance to bending fatigue (7×10^7) times of opening and closing bending without damage, and the coefficient of dry friction is similar to that of nylon.

(3) Thermal performance: PP scrubber has good heat resistance, melting point is 164~170℃, and products can be disinfected and sterilized at temperatures above 100℃. No deformation at 150°C under no external force. The embrittlement is -35℃, and embrittlement will occur below -35℃, and the heat resistance is not as good as PE.

(4) Chemical stability: PP scrubber has good chemical stability. In addition to being corroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it is relatively stable to other chemical reagents. Still, low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., can make PP softens and swells, and its chemical stability improves with the increase of crystallinity. Therefore, PP is suitable for the production of Russian-Chinese chemical pipelines and fittings, with sound anti-corrosion effects.

(5) Electrical performance: PP scrubber has excellent high-frequency insulation performance. Because it hardly absorbs water, the insulation performance is not affected by humidity, has a higher dielectric coefficient, and can be used to make heating The electrical insulation products have a high breakdown voltage and are suitable for electrical accessories.

(6) Weather resistance: PP scrubber is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Adding zinc oxide thiopropionic acid dilaurate, carbon black-like milky white fillers, etc., can improve its aging resistance.

Care and maintenance

The agency shall conduct an inspection and maintenance 30 days after the commissioning is qualified and used.

exhaust gas scrubber system

Inspection and maintenance content:

  1. Remove dust and dirt on the surface of the mechanism.

  2. Whether the sprinkler head is blocked or not.

  3. Clean up the water tank for sedimentation and blockage, and clean up the records, which is convenient for customizing the next cleaning time.

  4. Observe whether there are heavy stains on the surface of the Raschig ring; if necessary, take it out and place it in a large area sink to remove the surface stains with a neutralizing agent.

  5. Determine whether the activated carbon needs to be replaced according to the peculiar smell of the exhaust air or data. After use, the activated carbon can be exposed to the sun to regenerate it.

  6. Check whether the water pump has abnormal noise, looseness and blockage.

External dimensions: The outer dimensions of the PP acid-base neutralization tower are formulated according to the customer's site requirements.

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