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PP sheet welding sheet precautions

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As a new type of material on the sheet market, PP sheet has received extensive attention from users. In terms of using the function of the board, the PP board will definitely have many advantages over the general board. As a new type of sheet, PP sheet can be divided into two categories: homopolymerization and copolymerization. It is pollution-free and harmless to the human body. Therefore, this kind of board needs to be welded during the application process. What should be paid attention to during the welding process, let's learn about it with the plastic PP board manufacturer.

Generally, the welding of PP board uses thermal welding, and there is very little gas used in welding. The basic welding of the plate can choose the thermal welding method of air. Plastic PP board manufacturers remind us that some basic welding methods are manual welding, which is of course relatively high. For plates, not all root plates can be welded, and it is best to use the same PP plate for welding.

10MM gray PP plastic sheet customization

Before welding the PP board, the board should be clean and tidy, and various impurities, such as dust, grease, cement white, etc., should be attached to the bottom layer of the board. This is to thoroughly clean the printing plate after high-pressure water washing, grinding of mechanical equipment and chemical cleaning. This is the operation that needs to be carried out on the circuit board before construction to ensure that it can be soldered in the future.

PP sheet 2

Test level measurement, in order to ensure the effect after installation, repair the damages, caves, cracks, etc. of the bottom layer, the putty batch is flat, the sanding is smooth, the Yin and Yang angle lines are straight, and the flatness of the bottom layer should be controlled within the allowable range. . . Firmness, the surface of the bottom layer has relative strength and rigidity, and its strength and rigidity should be higher than the strength and rigidity of the paint material. The skinning, sanding, chalking bottom layer or aerated concrete bottom layer must be surface treated to increase strength. Under normal circumstances, it should be completely removed, and then filled with latex mortar.

PP material has lower thermal distortion temperature, low transparency, low gloss, low rigidity, but has stronger impact strength, and the strength of the material increases with the addition of ethylene content. Because of the high crystallinity, the surface stiffness and scratch resistance of this material are very good. PP sheet does not have the problem of environmental stress cracking, and it can be modified by adding glass fiber, metal additives or thermoplastic rubber.

PP-sheet 10mm rigid board

There are many ways to distinguish the quality of PP sheets when selecting them, and they should be carefully selected when selecting. PP board is relatively common in our lives now. When choosing in practice, we must select high-quality boards according to the characteristics of the boards in order to better play the functions of the boards and ensure the normal use of the boards. PP sheet has now begun to be developed on a large scale in many industries, and will be more widely developed in the future.

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