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PP plastic sheet performance advantages

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PP extruded sheet has the characteristics of light weight, uniform thickness, smooth surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation, and non-toxicity. Widely used in chemical containers, machinery, electronic appliances, food packaging, medicine, environmental protection equipment, ventilation equipment, ventilation duct production, decoration and water treatment and other fields. The operating temperature can reach 100 degrees.

PP sheets

PP board is a plastic board produced by hot melt extrusion of polypropylene raw materials, and PP board becomes flame-retardant PP board after improvement. PP board has excellent advantages in energy saving and material saving. Compared with similar products, the amount of building ceramic materials per unit area of PP board is more than doubled, which can effectively save more than 60% of resources. In terms of product application, the frivolous feature of PP board not only saves logistics and transportation costs, but also reduces the load of buildings, reduces carbon emissions during construction, and effectively protects the environment and implements the low-carbon concept.

The specific gravity of PP plastic sheet is small, so it is relatively easy to form during processing and welding, and it also has excellent aging resistance, heat resistance, and impact resistance, and is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a relatively environmentally friendly project. One of the plastics. The color of its products is mainly white, and other colors can also be made according to the needs of customers. It is widely used in some environmental protection equipment, acid and alkali resistance equipment, waste water and exhaust gas discharge equipment.

PP plastic sheet production line

When welding PP plastic sheets, the hot gas welding process is usually used. The hot gas used can be air or inert gas such as nitrogen. However, it is worth noting that before gas and parts welding, it needs to be carried out in monotonous, dust-free and grease-free conditions, and the edge Z bars of the parts are chamfered, or a certain corner is formed between the two parts, Both parts are clamped in the fixture to ensure their correct orientation, and welding tools modified with negatives or rollers can improve welding speed and quality by increasing the control of welding pressure.

PP plastic sheet: good heat resistance and reliable electrical insulation. Non-toxic, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance are higher than the usual similar products. Various corrosion-resistant equipment planning materials, electrical insulation materials, pump and valve components, drinking water and sewage pipes, seals, spray carriers, corrosion-resistant tanks, barrels, acid and alkali-resistant industrial use, waste water, waste gas discharge equipment, scrubber towers, no Equipment and machinery for dust chambers, semiconductor factories and related industries, food machinery and chopping boards, electroplating processes, toy parts, dental catheters, widely used in chemical, mechanical, electrical and electronic industries, embellishment engineering and other planning materials.

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