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PP plastic fan product introduction

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The PP plastic fan series are ideal corrosion-resistant ventilation equipment for industrial production centers at present. The products have high strength, strong corrosion resistance, stable operation, and low noise. The fan models produced by our company are 4-72 ordinary type and pp9-28 high-pressure type.

PP plastic fan has been researched by our company for many years (patent applied for development). No decay, high strength, creeping, low energy consumption, high conveying pressure. , Special performance such as strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for the high pressure transportation of NPK due to the strong fertilizer industry. Therefore, this equipment is a favorite gas conveying equipment in the chemical and fertilizer industries.


PP fan disassembly diagram

1. The working temperature is ≤80℃, the gas contains dust "10mg/M3", and no sticky substances, particles and other foreign objects are allowed in the outlet gas.

2. Fans generally use simple accessories, and should be lightly installed during transportation and installation, and make the best use of the materials.

3. Install in time, 1 remove the tools and sundries in the casing, and at the same time turn the impeller by hand to check whether the impeller is vigorous or abnormal, and it should be repaired in time.

4. When the power is turned on, the air and steam should be turned off. After everything is in normal operation, it can be automatically turned on until the specified working conditions are reached. Pay attention to whether the motor current is over-valued before it can operate normally.

PP Plastic Fan Ordering Needs

1. The model, order, air volume and pressure, air outlet angle and direction of rotation, and motor specifications must be indicated

2. If the angle of the air outlet is not specified when ordering, the standard is 90° right-handed.

3. Fans with special specifications, such as stainless steel fans, can be designed and manufactured on your behalf.

Note: The company produces accessories such as air ducts, special-shaped interfaces and other motor accessories.

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