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PP plastic duct - laboratory ventilation duct

High-density polymer material-polypropylene air duct products. PP air duct has the characteristics of high moisture resistance, flame retardant, chemical resistance, light weight and so on. The product is simple to assemble, easy to weld, and has various sizes and specifications, and supports customized special sizes.
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PP air ducts have been widely used in recent years, including laboratory ventilation systems, industrial electroplating, chemical, environmentally friendly emissions and other industries. PP has the characteristics of chemical resistance and flame retardancy and is very used in the ventilation and exhaust system of the laboratory. PP plastic is the most popular material that is easy to process, easy to weld, and low in cost.


The surface should be smooth and smooth, no cracks, clean, no bubbles The product has corrosion resistance, anti-leakage, smooth inside and outside, tensile, bending, low cost,long life, easy installation and maintenance advantages.

The PP duct series has a variety of sizes and specifications, and accepts other special size customization services.

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