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PP Plastic Anti-corrosion Water Tank

PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank, made of PP polypropylene, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank can be used to store acid and alkali solutions, volume: 1-30m³, shape: round, square, designed with liquid inlet, drain, manhole , level gauge, etc.
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  • Xicheng

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The PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank is made of PP polypropylene plastic, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It can be used to store various acid and alkali solutions. The PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank is a non-standard product. Xicheng Ep can be customized according to the required volume or external size. The volume of 1m³-30m³ can be processed. In terms of shape, the PP plastic water tank has a circular structure and a square tank structure. The circular structure can be divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The PP water tank of the horizontal structure is sealed at both ends. The head is welded, similar to the shape of a PP tank, and the bottom is supported by a saddle. Xicheng Ep specializes in the processing and production of PP plastic water tanks, and provides CAD drawing design services.

PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank performance characteristics

The PP plastic water tank belongs to the normal pressure static volume. The production is in accordance with the HG20640 chemical standard. Pan Xicheng Ep is proficient in the structure and different uses of the PP plastic water tank. Users can provide application descriptions according to their needs. Xicheng Ep will design and provide CAD drawings for customer confirmation. size.

Provide the external dimension calculation according to the customer's liquid storage capacity;

Provide the wall thickness and strengthening method of the water tank according to the medium and concentration;

Provide the water inlet specifications and directions of the water tank according to the customer's takeover requirements;

PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank shape structure

Square box shape, providing length, width and height requirements;

Drum shape, providing volume, diameter and height requirements;

Water treatment dosing barrel

PP plastic anti-corrosion water tank industry application

Spray tower waste liquid collection

Water treatment dosing barrel

Laboratory Wastewater Collection

Chemicals in full bloom

Metal surface treatment agent dosing barrel

Dosing mixing barrel



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