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PP Pipe Elbow 90° - Integral Molding

In the PP ventilation duct system, the PP elbow is a pipe that changes the direction of the pipe: elbow forming, injection elbow, socket elbow, etc. The most commonly used are 45° and 90° to 180°.
  • XC-13
  • 8421399110

The 90°PP pipe elbow adopts a one-piece molding process and a direct plug-in connection, which is convenient for installation and welding. PP plastic material has high anti-chemical corrosion, flame retardant, high hardness and other characteristics. It is widely used in duct links of ventilation systems.

PP duct elbow processing


Size: φ63, φ75, φ90, φ110, φ160, φ200, φ250, φ315

Material: PVC / PP

Form Name

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