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PP Material Sheet

PP Material Sheet it is harder than pe and has a higher melting point. PP board has low density, easy processing, superior chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic and odorless, and is one of the engineering plastics most in line with environmental protection requirements.
  • XC-3

  • Xicheng

  • 3926909090

Polypropylene sheet

PP Material Sheet Thickness: 3mm-30mm, Chinese manufacturer and exporter of PP sheet with dimensions of 8'x4', 1mtr x 2 mtr, 1.3mtr x 2 mtr,

PP sheet features:

Very good welding and machining properties

Excellent impact strength

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

Good wear resistance and electrical properties

PP Material Sheet Application:

Building materials for the chemical, mechanical and electronic industries, eg. Waste gas treatment equipment, electroplating tanks, laboratory equipment, etching equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, electroplating barrels, machined parts industrial doors, etc.



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