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Organic waste gas treatment equipment manufacturers

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Xicheng Ep Ltd has 12 years of waste gas treatment experience and has provided professional waste gas treatment equipment and waste gas treatment solutions for more than 30,000 companies and enterprises in China. The company's main products: wet scrubbers, polypropylene PP ducts and pipe fittings, plastic dampers, polypropylene sheets, activated carbon adsorption towers, polypropylene water tanks. After years of honest management, it has developed into a professional manufacturer of pulse dust collectors and organic waste gas treatment equipment with strong technical force, strong economic strength, huge sales network and perfect after-sales service. Our company is a high-tech company integrating modern scientific research, production, sales, and foreign trade; our company has brought together a group of outstanding scientific research, production and management talents representing the industry's leading level, creating a united, progressive, efficient and rigorous team.

What can we do for you:

1. Customize an effective waste gas treatment plan;

2. R&D and production of waste gas treatment equipment;

3. Construction and installation of waste gas treatment engineering;

4. Wholesale sales of products;

5. Product customization processing;

6. Commercial cooperation agency;

7. Free waste gas treatment technical consultation;

Industrial waste gas hazards:

Industrial waste gas organic and other hazards to the human body are manifold, and the toxicity of organic waste gas varies from industry to industry. Among them, benzene organic compounds mostly damage the human central nervous system and cause nervous system disorders. When the concentration of benzene vapor is too high (the air content is as high as 2%), it can cause fatal acute poisoning, and the organic compounds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have strong carcinogenicity.

Application of Organic waste gas treatment equipment:

Painting plants, factory workshops, furniture factories, sewage treatment plants, printing workshops that produce organic solvent waste gas such as benzene, lipids, ketones, and inorganic waste gas such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid mist, and oxychloride Factory workshop etc. It is suitable for the purification of spray exhaust gas, organic waste gas, furniture factory waste gas treatment, malodorous gas, chemical plant waste gas treatment, sewage treatment plant waste gas treatment, printing plant waste gas treatment, inorganic waste gas and other high-volume industrial waste gas purification.

How to choose a manufacturer of organic waste gas treatment equipment:

  • Choose a manufacturer with many years of production experience;

  • Rich and complete product categories;

  • Have perfect after-sales service and product shopping guide service;

  • Can provide you with one-stop procurement services;

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