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Operating Instructions for Wet Scrubbers of Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems

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Acid-base corrosive waste gas and odorous waste gas are better purified by wet scrubber, and the equipment has a long service time and is easy to operate. So today Guochang Environmental Protection Equipment will talk about how we operate the wet scrubber of the exhaust gas purification treatment system.

Operating Instructions for Wet Scrubbers of Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems

The wet scrubber operates by gas-liquid countercurrent, and the exhaust gas enters the tower body from the inlet at the bottom of the tower, passes through the packing layer from bottom to top, and then is discharged from the outlet of the pipe at the top of the tower through the fan. The neutralizing liquid is sprayed evenly into the packing layer through the liquid distributor at the top of the tower, sprayed down along the surface of the packing layer until the bottom of the tower, and then the pump is drained to the top of the tower, and the water in the water tank can be discharged out of the tower through the pipeline.

Due to the continuous contact between the rising exhaust gas and the falling absorbent in the packing layer, the concentration of the solute in the rising gas flow is getting lower and lower, and when it reaches the top of the tower, it has reached the absorption requirement and is discharged out of the tower. On the contrary, the concentration of the medium in the falling liquid is getting higher and higher, and when it reaches the bottom of the tower, it meets the requirements of the process conditions and is discharged out of the tower.

Preparing for Wet Scrubber Startup

Check the liquid level of the water tank, when the liquid level is lower than the mark, it needs to be replenished, and the concentration of the aqueous solution is adjusted at the same time;

exhaust gas cleaning system

Wet scrubber start-up steps

1. Turn on the power master control system;

2. Turn on the water pump and start the fan for about 60 seconds;

Wet scrubber operation inspection problems

1. Check whether the fan is running normally. After the fan is turned on for 30 minutes, check that the heating state of the oil bath bearing seat is normal operation at 60-80 °C;

2. Check whether the fan has abnormal friction sound, and feel that the fan shell has no vibration;

3. Check whether the water pump is running normally and whether it is leaking; whether the water spray of the nozzle is normal;

4. Check whether each valve is in the correct switch position

5. Check the working condition of the water pump, regularly check and clean the deposits in the nozzle head;

6. Check whether the dosing pump is working normally, and often clean the impurities in the medicine box to block the suction port;

7. It is strictly forbidden to pour large doses of high-concentration potions into the water tank. This abnormal behavior will lead to the collapse of the packing support in the tower and serious damage to the water tank.

Points to note when shutting down wet scrubbers

1. Check whether the equipment is working normally or not, and put forward the maintenance precautions when the equipment is shut down;

2. After the shutdown, the liquid in the dosing tank should be replenished, the FRP fan bearing seat should be replaced with oil or the oil amount should be replenished, the water pump seal should be tightened, the sediment in the tower should be cleaned, and the nozzle should be checked for debris such as blockage;

3. Check whether the water inlet and outlet valves are in normal working condition and the switches are in normal use;

4. Before stopping, check that each indicator light of the electric control box should be on, and the green light should be on.


Wet Scrubber Shutdown Procedure

1. Close the water valve

2. Open the drain valve in the water tank of the tower body to lower the water level by 1/4-1/3

3. Turn off the water pump

4. Drain the water for about 10-20 minutes, confirm that the water level drops by 15-20cm (that is, the water level drops by 1/4-1/3), and then turn off the FRP fan;

5. Turn off the system power.

Wet scrubbers are long-running equipment that requires regular maintenance and overhaul. Wet scrubber manufacturers recommend maintenance once a week to check the amount of washing liquid, whether the water pipe is blocked, and the amount of water in the bottom tank.

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