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Nitric Acid Scrubber

Nitric acid scrubber remove Nitric acid from exhaust gas streams by absorption and neutralization. Without the use of gas scrubber systems, the work environment would become unsuitable for workers and those living near the plant.
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What is a Nitric acid scrubber?

Nitric acid scrubber are pollution control machines that filter contaminants from air streams and products. When you implement an Nitric acid scrubber in your production line, the reactants neutralize the acid gas and reduce acid gas levels to acceptable levels that are no longer a threat to the environment. Hydrochloric acid fume scrubber systems withstand corrosive atmospheres with low pressure drop and are suitable for the following industries and applications:


  • biochemical

  • Food & Beverage

  • metal production

  • steel processing

Wastewater treatment

When polluted air enters a hydrochloric acid fume scrubber system, fine droplets of scrubbing fluid come into contact with the gas. The clean air is sent back to the environment, and the scrubbing liquid can be recycled and reused until a specific saturation point is reached.

Features of this equipment:

1. It is made of PP plastic with high flame-retardant properties.

2. Using high-temperature hot-melt welding technology, easy to install.

3. Various specifications and sizes can be customized to meet the needs of different industries.


Technical Parameter Table :

Air volume
Drain outlet
Water tank
Inlet and
outlet size
3000 800 8 DN32 600*700*H700 315 0.75 500
5000 1000 8 DN40 600*800*H700 400 1.5 500
8000 1200 8 DN40 600*1000*H700 500 2.2 500
10000 1500 10 DN40 700*1000*H700 550 2.2 500
12000 1600 10 DN50 700*1000*H700 600 3.75 500
15000 1800 10 DN50 700*1200*H700 650 3.75 500
20000 2000 10 DN50 700*1200*H700 750 5.5 500
25000 2200 10 DN50 700*1200*H700 950 5.5 600
30000 2500 12 DN65 700*1200*H700 1000 5.5 600
35000 2700 12 DN65 1000*700*H700 1100 7.5 600
40000 2900 12 DN65 1000*700*H700 1200 7.5 600
45000 3000 12 DN65 1000*700*H700 1250 7.5 600

1.This form is a common size and we can customize different sizes and requirements according to your needs.
2.The material is polypropylene.
3.Equipment design wind speed 1.8m/s



Form Name

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