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Mix flow duct blower

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Mix flow duct blower

             Mixed Flow Fan

Product Description:

XICHENG Mixed-flow fan, is high efficiency, low noise, energy conserving, large air flow, resistance corrosion and long life. Can be used widely in narrow room, laboratories, workshops etc. Also can make pipeline pressurization.

Product Features:

1. Patented Product:

 R&D with XIan Jiaotong University

Patented No.: ZL 2018 3 0243266.8 2

2. Better Impeller:

(1) Impeller is designed for the character of the motor. To make sure that, in the same as value of air pressure/air flow the mixed-flow fan is more efficient and more stabilized than normal axial fan.

(2) In the same as power, is more energy-conserving about 20%-25% than normal axial fan. 170W power can be up to 1800m3/h.

3. With intelligent chip and brushless permanent magnet motor:

 More efficient and more energy-conserving than brush motor, lower noise and anti high Temp. (Working temperature is under 80 degree).

4. Continuously variable(CV), intelligent control:

With CV button, have a voltage control connector/ electricity control connector/ 485 communication connector, can seamless connect all kinds of intelligent system.

5. Multi-layer protection, more durable:

(1) Fully enclosed protective casing for motor, double-layer ceramic seal sleeves, Can prevent Corrosive gas and vapour from corroding the motor, increase the life of the motor.

(2) Heat dissipation protection: 4-hole motor heat dissipation protection shell, the motor is placed at the air outlet, increase heat dissipation, more energy-conserving.

(3) The material of the body is flame retardant polypropylene(PP) and  glass fiber(GF), high intensity, resistance corrosion.

6. Low noise:

The air inlet comes with a silencer, and the brushless motor has low noise.

Product type





Blast capacity

Wind pressure


Operating Temp.



Mix flow fan



AC 220V





Under 80°C



axial inline blower 

 inline blower

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