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Manual rectangular duct damper product introduction

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The manual rectangular duct damper is made of PP polypropylene, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. The production process of the manual rectangular duct damper is relatively complicated. It needs to be carved and cut from polypropylene PP sheet, and then produced by company A by manual welding. Production cannot be automated, so the cost of the rectangular duct damper is high.

Manual rectangular duct damper is suitable for chemical plants, laboratories and other application environments with explosion-proof requirements. It is used in PP material ventilation duct systems and is connected with PP air ducts. It is used for corrosive gas extraction and exhaust control, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance , PP plastic manual rectangular duct damper complete specifications, supporting PP duct, elbow, tee, variable diameter use, constitute a complete PP ventilation duct system.

Manual rectangular duct damper is a kind of non-sealed butterfly valve, which is widely used in universities, chemical, biological, electric power, energy, environmental engineering, etc. in the production process, the medium temperature is less than or equal to 90℃, and the nominal pressure is less than 0.1Mpa. It is usually installed on the top of the fume hood, the PP suction hood and the inlet of the pipeline of the one-use-one-standby spray tower to switch the exhaust gas flow direction of the spray tower.

Structure of PP plastic manual rectangular duct damper

Square structure, flange connection.

Manual rectangular duct damper performance characteristics:

PP material processing, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong anti-corrosion performance;

PP square duct damper is designed with sockets at both ends, and flange connection can also be welded;

High-strength actuator, all-copper design, switch life more than 20,000 times;

The inner and outer walls are smooth and the wind resistance is small.

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