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Laboratory fume hood scrubber

Fume hood scrubber is an important equipment used to filter laboratory exhaust gas. It can effectively treat the acidic, alkaline and other chemical gases in the exhaust gas.
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The laboratory fume hood scrubber is made of PP polypropylene material, and the inner packing is PP Pall ring or hollow sphere. According to the gas-liquid two-phase mass transfer reaction on the surface during the gas absorption process, the transfer rate is proportional to the specific surface area. Therefore, the filler is used to increase the specific surface area of the two phases, so that the two phases are in full contact, so as to achieve the purpose of absorbing or purifying exhaust gas.

Principle and structure of purification and absorption equipment for fume hood scrubber

The equipment itself includes the body, filling layer, defogging layer, circulating sprinkler, etc., with exhaust gas inlet, outlet, washing liquid inlet, overflow, drain, filling material, circulating water pump, circulating water filter, circulating water pipeline , Sprinkler nozzles, windows, maintenance holes and the internal structure of the scrubber to support and fix the structure; the tower body is made of PP, PVC, etc., to ensure the corrosion resistance of the equipment itself to increase its service life. Objects of use: Treatment of liquid particles, solid particles, heavy metal harmful substances, organic solvents, odors and water-soluble air pollutants in various manufacturing waste gas and various laboratory waste gas.

The fume hood scrubber is a new type of environmental protection equipment. The role of the scrubber is to remove impurities in the gas with a solvent. It can be used in various industries that produce gas that needs to be scrubbed. For example: a sulfuric acid production line will produce gas with impurities such as mineral dust, arsenic, selenium, fluorine, sulfur trioxide, etc. The gas enters the tower and fully contacts the scrubbing liquid in the tower to remove impurities and achieve the role of gas purification.

fume hood scrubber

Working principle The gas is forced into or sucked into the air inlet section by a centrifugal fan, then flows upward to the packing layer, and reacts with the spray liquid. According to the gas purification conditions and other indicators, a second-stage packing and spray device can be installed, and the treated and purified gas is discharged through the demister.

Structure and features The scrubber cylinder is a cylindrical tower with PP integrally wound, without segmented connection flanges. Tower components are composed of gas distributor, packing bracket, packing, spray device, accessories and control instruments.



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