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Laboratory fume hood acid mist exhaust gas treatment

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Laboratory fume hood waste gas treatment, production of fume hood waste gas treatment equipment, by installing a small acid mist purification tower to solve the problem of acid mist waste gas treatment in the fume hood, and solve the problem of acid mist volatilization in the fume hood during the experiment.
Overview of Acid Mist Treatment in Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hood acid mist exhaust gas treatment

The fume hood is a necessary experimental equipment in the laboratory. Acid and alkali solvents are often used in the process of the experiment. Since these liquids have a certain volatility, if they are not discharged outdoors, they will evaporate in the air and affect the staff's health. Healthy body. In view of the acid-base type exhaust emission of fume hoods, Xicheng has designed and developed a small acid mist purification tower specially used for fume hood exhaust gas treatment.

The principle of acid mist treatment technology in fume hood

Laboratory fume hoods often use strong corrosive solutions such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and hydrofluoric acid. The small acid mist purification device adopts the principle of counter-flow packing absorption. By installing a special anti-corrosion fan on the top of the fume hood, the air is drawn into the acid mist purifier. Through the circulating spray system, after adding sodium hydroxide NaOH liquid caustic soda, the acid mist exhaust gas undergoes acid-base neutralization reaction in the packing layer and the lye liquid film on the surface of the packing, and is discharged under the power of the fan after purification.

wet scrubber for flue gas

How to determine the acid mist treatment capacity of the fume hood

Laboratory fume hoods generally have three specifications, 1500 type, 1800 type and 2000 type. The numbers actually represent the width of the fume hood, and the door height is usually controlled at 0.6m. According to the design specification, the design wind speed of the fume hood is 0.3-0.5m /s, derived from the above parameters, the cross-sectional area at the maximum height of the fume hood door, and then multiplied by the design air speed to get the actual air volume.

For the purification treatment of acid mist exhaust gas in the fume hood, the air volume of the 1500 type fume hood is about 1500-1800CMH, the air volume of the 1800 type fume hood is about 1800-2000, and the air volume of the 2000 type fume hood is about 2000-2500CMH.

How to choose a small acid mist scrubber

If the acid mist exhaust gas of a single fume hood is treated separately, the small acid mist scrubbing tower produced by Xicheng can be used. According to different acid mist exhaust gas volume, different specifications of purification devices need to be designed. The above 3 types of fume hoods have introduced 3 small acid mist scrubbers. mist scrubber

Fume hood type 1500 choose diameter 500mm height 1500
Fume hood type 1800 choose diameter 600mm height 1600
Fume hood type 2000 choose diameter 800mm height 1700

What other accessories are needed for acid mist treatment in fume hoods

For the acid mist treatment in the fume hood, it is a small acid mist absorption tower, which includes the body of the acid mist absorption device, a special PP fan, a circulating anti-corrosion water pump and a ventilation pipe (optional). The ventilation pipe fittings are selected according to the size of the user's site. match.

Precautions for installation of acid mist treatment equipment in fume hoods

Installation space, whether there is enough installation location on site, and the length, width and height requirements can be consulted by technical personnel
Power supply voltage, please specify the power supply voltage 220V or 380V before ordering, which can be configured.
Waste liquid treatment, acid-base neutralization absorption principle, waste liquid needs to be treated after a period of time.

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