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Introduction to the functions of common exhaust gas treatment systems

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Wet scrubber system:

The wet scrubber is a hollow cylindrical body with a liquid sprayer on the top, which disperses the liquid into small droplets and descends. The gas contacts the droplets in a countercurrent manner for mass transfer. This equipment has a simple structure and a gas pressure drop. Small and other characteristics. PP waste gas scrubber is an important component of equipment for the implementation of spray method to treat waste gas or recover raw materials. According to the type of waste gas and spray liquid, it can be divided into wet scrubber, acid scrubber, alkali scrubber, oil scrubber, and water film dust removal. /Wet dust collector; According to the shape, it can also be divided into vertical scrubber and horizontal scrubber.

Activated carbon adsorption system: 

Because there are unbalanced and saturated van der Waals molecular forces or chemical bonding forces on the solid surface, when the solid surface is in contact with gas, it can attract gas molecules to concentrate and maintain them on the solid surface. This phenomenon is adsorption. Activated carbon itself has a huge surface area due to its large number of micropores, which has strong van der Waals attraction to gas molecules passing through the micropores of activated carbon, especially for macromolecular benzene ring organics and long-Lian organics. The activated carbon adsorption method used in this process utilizes the adsorption performance of the microporous surface of the activated carbon, so that the organic pollutants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed on the solid surface of the activated carbon, and are separated from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification.

Setting standard of induced draft fan:

①The suction fan is a side suction centrifugal fan, installed horizontally, and placed on the same base as the motor. The wind pressure has a margin of 15% higher than the system pressure loss under the condition of the maximum pumping volume.

②Equipped with anti-vibration pads, vibration isolation efficiency ≥80%.

③Under fast operating conditions, the gas flow is adjustable, and the adjustment range can be reduced from 100% to 70%.

④The air inlet valves of the fan are connected by flanges with sufficient distance between each other to facilitate the installation of pipelines between the valves and the maintenance and assembly and disassembly of the equipment.


Exhaust gas treatment system maintenance and maintenance

The organization shall conduct an inspection and maintenance 30 days after the commissioning is qualified and used.

Inspection and maintenance content:

1: Remove dust and dirt on the surface of the mechanism.

2: Whether the sprinkler head is blocked or not.

3: Clean up the water tank for sedimentation and blockage, and clean up the records, which is convenient for customizing the next cleaning time.

4: Observe whether there are heavy stains on the surface of the Raschig ring, if necessary, take it out and place it in a large area sink to remove the surface stains with a neutralizing agent.

5: Check whether the water pump has abnormal noise, looseness and blockage.

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