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Introduction to the function of the activated carbon adsorption tower

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Activated carbon adsorption tower is the best purification equipment for treating organic waste gas and odour. Activated carbon adsorption is an effective measure to remove water odour, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter, and micro-polluting substances. It is widely used in industrial production because the waste gas and wastewater discharged by many industrial production enterprises are heavy pollutions. According to the national environmental protection emission standards, the exhaust gas and wastewater must be strictly filtered and purified.

Most of the relatively large organic molecules, aromatic compounds, halogenated alkynes, etc., can be firmly adsorbed on the surface or voids of activated carbon and have apparent removal effects on humus, synthetic organics and low molecular weight organics. Activated carbon adsorption is used as a deep purification process; it is often used for the definitive treatment of wastewater and can also be used for the purification treatment of long-term production water and domestic water.

When there is more dust and particulate matter, the activated carbon adsorption device can be used together with the water curtain machine, the water spray tower and the UV plasma at the same time to achieve the exhaust gas purification standard emission.

The activated carbon adsorption device is mainly composed of an activated carbon layer and a supporting layer.

Activated carbon has developed voids, large specific surface area, and high adsorption capacity. It is precise because of this characteristic of activated carbon that it is widely used in advanced water treatment, such as domestic water supply, advanced sewage treatment (purified water) and so on.


The working principle of activated carbon adsorption tower:

The dust-containing gas is powered by the fan and enters the tower body under positive or negative pressure. Due to the unbalanced and unsaturated molecular gravity or chemical strength on the solid surface of activated carbon, when the concrete surface is in contact with the gas, it can attract. The gas molecules are concentrated and kept on the concrete surface, and the pollutants are adsorbed. After the exhaust gas passes through the filter, it enters the equipment dust exhaust system, and the purified gas is discharged up to the standard at a high altitude.

Advantages of the activated carbon adsorption tower

1. High adsorption efficiency, large adsorption capacity and wide application range

2. Convenient maintenance, no technical requirements

3. Large specific surface area, good selective adsorption

4. Activated carbon has the characteristics of a wide range of sources and low prices

5. High adsorption efficiency and strong capacity

6. Easy and safe operation

After the activated carbon is used for some time, it absorbs a large amount of adsorbate, gradually becomes saturated, loses the working ability, and will penetrate the filter layer in severe cases. Therefore, the activated carbon should be regenerated or replaced.

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