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Introduction to PVC materials

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English name: Polyvinyl chloride (abbreviation: PVC)

Molecular formula: [C2H3Cl]n


Industrial products are white or light yellow powder. Low molecular weight, soluble in ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. High molecular weight is difficult to dissolve.

Density 1.4 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

PVC rigid board grey

The use of PVC material

  • Its products are used in light industry, building materials, agriculture, daily life, packaging, electricity and other fields

  • It can be used to produce various high-grade insulating materials, agricultural films, artificial leather, plastic shoes, hard tubes, records, welding rods, etc.

  • Used as a raw material for PVC plastic products

  • Used in the production of U-PVC doors and windows, profiles and pipes, etc.

  • Used to make perchlorovinyl resin, etc.

  • Used for food packaging, water supply pipes and general PVC products

  • Used for furniture veneer, speaker veneer, blown film, etc.

  • Used for extruding into blood transfusion catheters, drainage bags, drainage catheters, drippers, etc. and other medical accessories and catheters

  • Used in the manufacture of plastic sheets, pipes, wires and cables, etc.

  • Used in the production of wire and cable cladding, equipment anti-corrosion, auto parts, etc.

  • Used to manufacture soft and hard products in industry, agriculture and life

  • Pad shrink film for packaging and hollow blow molding products for packaging

  • Special raw material for injection molding PVC-U pipe fittings

  • It is used as raw material for the production of cable and wire insulation layer, protective cover, chlorinated fiber, PVC soft products, etc.

  • Its products are used in light industry, building materials, agriculture, daily life, packaging, electric power, public utilities and other fields

  • Used to produce profiles, sheets, records, pipe fittings, containers, floors, etc.

  • Plastics used for insulation and sheathing of wires, cables, and other outer layers

  • Used to make a series of paste products, dipping, slush molding products, foam plastics, synthetic fibers, etc.

  • Used to prepare non-foamed artificial leather bottom layer, artificial leather and floor surface, canvas dipping molding, hollow molding products and erasers, bottle caps, etc.

  • Used in the manufacture of electrical insulating materials, various films, artificial leather, hoses, profiles, etc.

  • It has the general purpose of PVC, especially suitable for making shoe soles, tapes and other products with certain elasticity

  • It is used for the sheath of various wires and cables such as electric power, communication, marine cables, etc.

  • Used to prevent sticking in the suspension polymerization of polyvinyl chloride

  • Mainly used to produce food packaging materials

  • Used to make films, hoses, artificial leather, shoe materials, etc.

  • Used in food, medical, stationery, building materials, decoration, chemical, textile, daily necessities manufacturing and other industries

  • Used in the production of artificial leather, floor leather, battery separators, conveyor belts, insulating coatings, wallpapers, window screens, bottle caps, toys, etc.

  • Used as high-grade electrical insulation material and protective layer

  • Used as insulation layer and sheath layer of marine cables

  • Cable sheaths for rubber and plastic insulation and other outer plastics

  • Materials used in the manufacture of blood transfusion bags and blood, blood products cryopreservation containers and tubes, droppers, etc.

  • Used in the production of PVC bottles, rigid injection pipe fittings, etc. and used in the production of perchlorovinyl resin

  • Used in the production of paints, fibers, adhesives, insulating materials, etc.

  • Main raw materials for the production of PVC records, transparent films, hard boards, welding rods, fibers, etc.

  • Used as hard tube, hard piece, monofilament, casing, etc.

  • Used in the manufacture of artificial leather, wallpaper, plastic floors, impregnated window screens, impregnated gloves, artificial limbs, flame-retardant conveyor belts and non-woven carpets, etc.

  • Used in the manufacture of electrical insulating materials, soft products, films, artificial leather surface films, etc.

  • Used in the production of PVC rigid pipes, rigid sheets, semi-rigid sheets, films, profiles, etc.

  • Used to manufacture hard boards, records, valves, pipelines, welding rods, etc.

  • Used for communication, signal and low-voltage cables and insulated wires with high electrical requirements

  • Used to produce PVC film, hose, shoe material, etc.

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