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Introduction of polypropylene PP plastic sheet

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Product name: PP board, polypropylene sheet, PP plastic sheet;

Manufacturing process and process:

  • Raw material: POLYPROPYLENE PP particles;

  • Process: extrusion process;

  • Process: mixing - feeding - heating and plasticizing - extrusion molding - cooling - cutting - packaging;

  • Packaging: PE protective film is attached to the surface (front or back), and it is packed in wooden pallets; the maximum weight of each pallet is not more than 2.5 tons;

PP plastic sheet production line

Polypropylene PP plastic sheet specifications:

  • Thickness range: 2-30mm; 2-20mm plate thickness negative tolerance 0.2-0.5mm, 20-30m plate thickness negative tolerance 0.5-1.0mm;

  • Width: 1000-2000mm length and width and diagonal error ±3mm;

  • Length: the length can be customized;

  • Regular size: 1000×2000mm; 1220×2440mm; 1300×3000mm; 1500×3000mm; 2000×3000mm;

  • Weight calculation: thickness (mm) × length (m) × width (m) × density = theoretical weight (KG)

PP board

PP plastic sheet product classification:

According to the different product technology and raw materials, PP board is divided into the following types:

  • Pure PP board: density 0.90-0.93;

  • Modified PP board: density 0.95-1.2;

  • Glass fiber reinforced PP board: density 1.0-1.2;

  • Flame retardant PP board: density 1.2;

  • ABA three-layer co-extruded PP board: density 0.92-0.95;

PP sheets

Physical properties of PP plastic sheet:

The following data of the company's products are measured pure new material 0.91PP board, only for reference, strictly prohibited for mandatory standards!

  • Specific gravity: 0.91g/cm;

  • Shore hardness: D/65/1 degree;

  • Bending strength: 35.2MPa;

  • Bending modulus: 1170MPa;

  • Tensile strength: 23.6MPa;

  • Tensile modulus: 1290MPa

  • Elongation at break: 133%

  • Notched impact strength: 93J/MC

  • Load deformation temperature: 59.7℃

  • Vicat softening temperature: 78.3℃

  • Light transmittance: 30.2%

  • Vertical combustion: HB

  • Dimensional stability: X direction -0.1% Y direction -0.1%

  • Surface resistivity: 4.51x1017/sq

  • Volume resistivity: 2.8x1017·cm16, water absorption rate: 0.01%

Corrosion resistance of PP plastic sheet: it can be used in general acidic, alkaline, salty and organic solvents (especially active solvents), but it will be corroded by chlorine-containing solvents, aliphatic, aromatic hydrogen and other chemicals, not applicable In concentrated nitric acid, chromic acid, etc.;

Food contact performance: food grade material, which can directly contact food, medicine, etc.;

PP plastic sheet product features:

  • Excellent toughness and dimensional stability;

  • Reliable insulation performance and good heat resistance;

  • Acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance;

  • It is easy to process and has excellent welding performance;

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, durable;

Processing performance:

  • Cutting tools: wide-tooth table saw, woodworking saw, hand saw, CNC engraving machine, etc.; the cutting of thick plates above 30mm requires water cooling;

  • Processing methods: hot melt welding, plastic forming, drilling, punching, engraving, etc.;

  • Processing tools: special hot air welding gun for plastic welding, welding machine, butt welding machine, bending machine;

PP plastic sheet product use:

PP water tank
  • Plastic tank body: electroplating tank, pickling tank, passivation tank, oxidation tank, phosphating tank, electrolytic tank, etc.;

  • Industrial acid and alkali resistance equipment: vertical/horizontal storage tanks, stirring tanks, reaction kettles, industrial pumps, etc.;

  • Electroplating equipment: hardware electroplating and precious metal electroplating equipment, semi-automatic/automatic barrel plating, rack plating equipment, anodizing equipment, gantry electroplating line, annular climbing electroplating production line, etc.;

  • Coating equipment: electrostatic powder spraying room, powder spraying equipment parts, etc.;

  • Laboratory equipment: medicine cabinets, fume hoods, laboratory benches, etc.;

  • Environmental protection equipment: centrifugal fans, ventilation pipes, acid mist waste gas towers, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, dust collectors, spray towers, complete sets of waste gas treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, and water circulation equipment;

  • Other uses: leather machine/shoe material machine pad, punching mattress board, household chopping board, cutting board, advertising light box board, screen printing, sign board back board, food packaging, food and drug packaging machinery, etc.

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