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Introduction of organic waste gas treatment equipment

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Organic waste gas treatment equipment is a dry waste gas purifier that uses activated carbon to purify and treat organic waste gas. It is composed of a box and an adsorption unit, and is combined with a pipeline fan to form a purification system. It mainly uses high-performance activated carbon to adsorb organic waste gas molecules to make it It is separated from the harmless others to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. It is widely used in the treatment of high-volume and low-concentration organic waste gas containing benzene, phenols, esters, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, etc. It is widely used in electronics, chemicals, light industry, rubber, machinery, ships, The purification of organic waste gas in the painting and painting workshops of automobiles, petroleum and other industries can also be used with production lines such as shoe viscose, chemical plastics, ink printing, cables, enameled wires, etc. The purification efficiency reaches more than 95%, and the purified waste gas is in line with the current state of the country. Standard (Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants GB19297-1996).


water scrubber system

Waste gas treatment equipment features:

Mainly use high-quality columnar activated carbon as the filler, use activated carbon with large specific surface area, developed pores, high strength, strong adsorption capacity, and good chemical stability. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other harmful, poisonous and microorganisms of various gases. Purification and filtration, it has a good adsorption effect on harmful gases such as benzene, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, etc., and can be recycled.


Work flow chart of wet scrubber

Device name:

1. Plasma industrial oil mist purifier

The plasma industrial oil mist purifier adopts advanced design technology and is the only device in China that uses a combined array electrode. After the oil mist is processed by the industrial oil mist purifier, the purification efficiency can reach more than 95%, and the oil fume emission indicators meet the environmental protection requirements. The indicators are ahead of similar products, which not only solves pollution but also protects the environment, and is an ideal environmentally friendly product.

2. RCO organic waste gas catalytic combustion purification device

The RCO organic waste gas catalytic combustion purification device can effectively purify the environment, pollution, improve labor operating conditions, ensure the health of workers, and the heat emitted can be reused, reducing production costs. The RCO organic waste gas catalytic combustion purification device has a complete system design, complete auxiliary equipment, high purification efficiency, and high degree of automation.

3. Plasma organic waste gas purifier

Plasma organic waste gas purifier adopts the unique adsorption, decomposition, and carbonization latest process technology design. It is a purification equipment for dry treatment of organic waste gas. It changes the process technology of using activated carbon materials. It does not need to regenerate raw materials and does not require special personnel to be responsible. , No secondary pollution, convenient replacement and maintenance, users can replace the maintenance operation under normal operation of the equipment. Plasma organic waste gas purifier products do not need to increase the ventilation equipment, the wind resistance is small, and the installation is simple. It can be grouped and manufactured according to the customer's on-site environmental requirements, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The equipment is compact in structure, low in investment, and easy to operate. The products are made of standard materials or made of all stainless steel materials. The processing air volume is 6000 to 80,000 m3/h. The above are currently advanced equipment for processing industrial organic waste gas pollution.

4. Activated carbon fiber organic waste gas purifier

Activated carbon fiber organic waste gas purifier is an in vitro regeneration type carbon fiber organic waste gas purifier (organic waste gas treatment device). It uses carbon fiber glass fiber as the adsorption material. Its adsorption capacity is 20-40 times higher than that of activated carbon, and its purification efficiency is high. The equipment has a small footprint, is easy to maintain, has fewer auxiliary equipment, and has a wide range of applications. It has a good deodorizing effect on the treatment of high and low concentrations of odor and organic waste gas. The activated carbon fiber organic waste gas purifier has low operating cost, simple operation and easy maintenance. There is no secondary pollution, low energy consumption, and small load on the surrounding environment. It is a successful method that has been run internationally for many years, and it is a relatively mature process.

5. Three-bed regenerative incinerator waste gas treatment equipment

The three-bed regenerative incinerator waste gas treatment equipment uses thermal oxidation to treat medium and low concentration organic waste gas, and uses ceramic regenerative bed heat exchangers to recover heat. It is composed of ceramic heat storage bed, automatic control valve, combustion chamber and control system. Its main feature is: the automatic control valve at the bottom of the regenerator bed is connected to the main intake pipe and the main exhaust pipe respectively. The regenerator bed exchanges directions through the reversing valve, accumulates the heat of the high-temperature gas from the combustion chamber and preheats it to enter Organic waste gas from the heat storage bed; ceramic heat storage materials are used to absorb and release heat; the organic waste gas preheated to a certain temperature (≥760°C) undergoes oxidation reaction in the combustion chamber to generate carbon dioxide and water for purification.


Organic waste gas treatment process


The exhaust gas generated in the spray booth, the collected organic exhaust gas is merged into the exhaust main pipe from the branch duct, and enters the dry filter system. The exhaust gas passes through the dry filter at a slow speed of about 2.0m/s, and the contact time is 1.5 Second. The fine particles (paint particles, toluene particles, xylene particles) in the exhaust gas are captured by the dry filter system to form heavier large particles. The solid gas is separated, the gas is purified, and finally enters the activated carbon adsorption tower. The activated carbon adsorption tower is installed Activated carbon filler with high-efficiency adsorption performance. By adjusting the appropriate wind speed, the activated carbon filler can fully absorb harmful substances in the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas can deodorize up to 99% or more, and the purification and deodorization effect greatly exceeds GB16297-1996 "Comprehensive Emissions of Air Pollutants" Standard" Secondary Emission Standard, GB14554-93 "Odor Pollutant Emission Standard" Secondary Emission Standard. The exhaust gas is exhausted through the chimney to form a negative pressure and is discharged into the atmosphere from the 15m chimney safely and up to the standard.

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