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Introduction of PP plastic sheet engraving and welding

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Plastic sheet engraving and welding processing services, with professional plastic anti-corrosion equipment processing machinery and technicians, can process PP and PVC plastic anti-corrosion equipment, such as: plastic towers, anti-corrosion barrels, anti-corrosion ducts, vacuum plastic equipment, etc. Xicheng Ep has Modern CNC machining equipment, cutting, welding and bending are all mechanically matched, with high dimensional accuracy. Exquisite appearance, exquisite quality.

In the field of PP plastic sheet engraving and welding, we have obtained customer certification through accurate processing dimensions and beautiful appearance structure. We have the experience and manufacturing ability to serve large enterprises, and have been well received by customers in terms of AutoCAD drawing design ability and product development.

PP sheet engraving machine

What are the engraving and welding processing products of PP plastic sheet

PP plastic sheet engraving and welding products include PP alkali washing tower, acid mist purification tower, activated carbon adsorption box and other waste gas treatment equipment, as well as PP barrel tank, PP storage tank, PP dosing barrel, PP mixing barrel, PP air duct, PP fan , PP suction hood and other anti-corrosion equipment, in the field of PP plastic sheet engraving and welding processing, from engineering design, PP plastic equipment manufacturing and installation to post-maintenance, every link is controlled and strictly inspected.

The plate engraving and welding processing field has the following advantages

  • The technical team provides you with professional waste gas treatment design and tailor-made solutions for different waste gas components.

  • The professional technical team, according to customer information, understands the production process, discusses and formulates a targeted process.

  • With an experienced team of engineers, Xicheng Ep Ltd provides exhaust gas treatment services to more than 2000 enterprises.

  • Specialized production advantages and strong equipment processing capabilities, high precision, quality advantages, and reliable quality.

  • 7 days * 24 hours all-weather service, system maintenance, timely feedback to solve customer worries.

Rich and complete exhaust gas treatment product series

Advanced technology, optimal solutions, professional construction, and perfect after-sale services provide enterprises with standard exhaust gas treatment solutions.

Specializing in the production of exhaust gas washing towers, activated carbon adsorption towers, acid mist purification towers, biological deodorization trickling filter towers and other waste gas treatment equipment to fully meet market demand.

PP plastic sheet engraving and welding process

  • Adhering to high standards and strict requirements, we have created an experienced and skilled knowledge-based professional production team.

  • Strive for perfection in the control of product quality, with professional measuring equipment, factory inspection of air volume, wind speed, pressure, etc.

  • Use the modern enterprise management system to achieve high-quality customer service for manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and customer training.

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