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Introduction of PP fume hood

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The fume hood of Xicheng Environmental Protection has its own patent, which is made of high-quality plastic PP (polypropylene), the thickness of the sheet is 8mm, and it is integrally formed. It has acid and alkali resistance and excellent weather resistance. And to the greatest extent, the adverse effects of thermal expansion and contraction are avoided. The overall design is in line with fluid mechanics, and there is no dead air flow, ensuring no residues in exhaust gas emissions.

Fume hood specifications

Operation countertop: The ventilated countertop is usually made of the same color and homogenous plate as the cabinet body, and can be replaced with solid physical and chemical board, Dutch Trespa board, phenolic resin composite veneer countertop, and epoxy resin countertop ceramic countertop according to customer needs;

Cabinet: It adopts a large number of "mouth"-shaped, "U"-shaped and "T"-shaped reinforced structures, the physical structure is stable, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 300KG, which is much higher than similar products of other brands;

Laboratory fume hood equipment

Glass window: 5mm thick tempered glass is used, which has high strength and good bending resistance, and will not produce small sharp-angled fragments when it is broken;

Socket: Each fume hood is equipped with four 220V single-port universal multi-function sockets. (It can be equipped with other types of sockets according to the actual needs of customers) It is equipped with a special PP anti-corrosion and waterproof cover plate for the laboratory;

Baffle plate: It is made of new 8.0mmPP polypropylene plate welded, which has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. It is installed behind and above the working space. It is composed of at least three plates to make the working space and the exhaust pipe. A gas chamber is formed between the joints to discharge the polluted gas evenly. The deflector is combined with the cabinet using deflector clamps, which can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled;

Air collecting hood: made of PP material, with strong corrosion resistance, the bottom inlet is a rectangular opening, and the top outlet is a circular opening;

Fluorescent lamp: One 30W tri-proof lamp is used, which can be waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation;

Window sliding door: The movable vertical window sliding door is placed between the working space and the operator to protect the safety of the operator. Combined with the balance position, the window sliding door can be stopped at any moving point; the view can be completely clear and unobstructed;

Window frame: frameless door is used, combined with the four sides of the glass, the friction resistance is small, and the safety and durability of the window are ensured;

Window suspension sling: adopts a synchronous structure; the synchronous belt has accurate transmission displacement, small force on the shaft, compact structure, oil resistance, good wear resistance, and good anti-aging performance;

Control panel: The LCD control panel is equipped with buttons such as power supply, switch, lighting, fan and operation indicator. The LCD display can clearly display the operation of the fume hood;

Lower cabinet body: It is made of a brand new 8.0mm PP polypropylene board welded, and the whole cabinet is formed after one engraving and bending treatment. It has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The door panels are all double-folded structure, which is firm and firm, not easy to deform, and the overall appearance is generous;

Handle: special PP bridge handle for laboratory, strong corrosion resistance;

Hinge: Use laboratory-specific PP hinge, which has strong corrosion resistance.

Laboratory fume hood equipment

Optional accessories:

Laboratory water tank: using PP cup tank, made of high-density PP integral molding, strong corrosion resistance, with filtering and odor blocking functions, the water trap is made of high-density PP, anti-siphon;

Water supply cork: wall-type remote control water valve and water nozzle are used, the main body is thickened copper, the surface is high-brightness epoxy resin coating, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant; ceramic valve core, 90° rotation, service life switch 500,000 times , The maximum static pressure is 20 bar; the switch knob is made of high-density PP, conforms to ergonomic design, and feels comfortable

Air supply cork: Wall-type remote control air valve and air nozzle are used. The main body is thickened copper, and the surface is coated with high-brightness epoxy resin, which is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant; the switch knob is made of high-density PP and conforms to ergonomic design. Feel comfortable.

Function introduction of laboratory PP fume hood

Conventional size of fume hood

尺寸 长mm(L) 宽mm(W) 高mm(H)
1 1200 850 2350
2 1500 850 2350
3 1800 850 2350

Remarks: The above is a standard configuration, and the size of the fume hood can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Fume hood product advantages

Installation and maintenance: The fume hood is equipped with flush-mounted external/internal duct access panels and modular electrical components to achieve simple installation and maintenance.

Reasonable design: The baffle is set inside, which conforms to fluid mechanics to ensure no leakage of exhaust gas.

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