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Introduction of PP constant air volume valve

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China Xicheng Environmental Protection has 16 years of experience in the research and development, and production of industrial waste gas purification equipment. It has developed a new generation of RHV series Venturi variable air volume control valves with independent intellectual property rights, integrating high-speed intelligent control, automatic mechanical compensation, and pressure-independent control technology. Integration to meet the unique requirements for airflow control in industrial exhaust gas ventilation systems. The PP series Venturi variable air volume valve is mainly suitable for constant air volume control, bistable control, or variable air volume control.

Main features of PP series Venturi constant air volume regulating valve:

1. Pressure-independent control: mechanical pressure compensation components are installed in the sliding valve body in the valve body, and automatic pressure compensation is carried out according to the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the air duct to ensure that the air valve maintains a constant air volume at the setpoint when the static pressure changes; the valve can be at the valve end The pressure drop is within the range of 150Pa~750Pa to achieve pressure independent control;

2. Accurate airflow control: through the positioning of the airflow speed controller component, the air volume can be quickly adjusted, and the air volume control accuracy is ±5%;

3. Large air volume adjustment control range: air volume 50m3/h~1100m3/h;

4. Quick response: Response time to control signal and air duct static pressure change: <1 second;

5. Anti-dust and maintenance-free: Compared with similar products of conventional butterfly valves, because this series of products have no airflow (or pressure difference) sensor, it avoids the occurrence of safety accidents that cause system failure to dirty sensors and improves the stability of the product And durability.

6. High anti-corrosion treatment: The valve body is made of PP plastic material. Yes, this product can operate safely for a long time under high-strength corrosive conditions;

7. High reliability, high quality, and low price, good service: domestically produced high-quality products, reliable operation, high quality, and low cost, and provide 24-hour service.

Variable air volume control valve

Typical applications of PP series Venturi variable air volume control valve:

1. Constant air volume control (CAV series): Suitable for situations where the set air volume is maintained when the static pressure changes.

2. Variable air volume control (VAV series): suitable for closed-loop feedback variable air volume control occasions.

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