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Instructions for use of PP wet scrubber

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Overview of wet scrubber

The wet scrubber is a new type of industrial waste gas treatment equipment, using a new type of PP board material. It is composed of the bottom of the tower and the defogging layer. The gas flows from the bottom of the tower to the top through the packing layer and spray layer, and the spray sprinkler goes from top to bottom. Countercurrent neutralization occurs in the packing layer to purify industrial waste gas. It is widely used in industrial waste gas treatment, dust removal and other advantages. The purification effect is quite good. It is currently the most commonly used and most practical equipment in the treatment of industrial waste gas such as acid-base, spray paint, printing, medicine, hardware polishing and so on. The PP scrubber has the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, simple operation, small size, etc., and high purification efficiency. It can effectively remove various industrial organic substances such as HCL, HF, NH3, H2SO4, CrO3, HCN, NAOH, H2S, HCHO, etc. The advantages of waste gas and inorganic industrial waste gas treatment and purification efficiency are high.

Structure and working principle of wet scrubber

The wet scrubber body contains the exhaust gas inlet, packing layer, spray sprinkler, defogging layer, window, discharge port, maintenance port, and PP scrubber for support and fixation.

Schematic diagram of wet washing system connection

The industrial waste gas enters the tower and fully contacts with the scrubbing liquid in the tower to produce changes to achieve the treatment and purification effect, which can remove impurities and dust, purify the gas, and finally meet the emission requirements. The purification tower as a whole includes a tower body, a packing layer, a defogging layer, a circulating sprinkler pipeline, and a circulating water tank.


1. PP purification tower has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, simple operation and low cost;

2. High efficiency of dust removal and desulfurization, using acid and alkali to neutralize the gas, etc.,

3. Using high-quality PP board, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and long service life, the equipment can be customized according to the air volume of the fan;

The exhaust gas scrubber body contains exhaust gas inlet, packing layer, spray sprinkler, defogging layer, window, discharge port, maintenance port, and PP scrubber for support and fixation. The industrial waste gas enters the tower and fully contacts with the scrubbing liquid in the tower to produce changes to achieve the treatment and purification effect, which can remove impurities and dust, purify the gas, and finally meet the emission requirements.

Maintenance instructions and precautions

Routine maintenance and regular maintenance content

1. Check the dosage of the neutralization medicine every day, carefully record and formulate the dosage calculation and replenish it in time;

2. Check the operation of the water pump every day and check whether the spray nozzle is normal;

3. Check the operation of the fan, the temperature of the motor and the bearing seat, and the noise and vibration of the fan every day;

4. Check and adjust the belt tension weekly, and replace the motor belt quarterly;

5. Change the special oil for the bearing seat within one month of the first use of the fan, and change it regularly every quarter thereafter;

6. Inject high-quality grease into the motor every quarter;

7. Replace the water circulating fluid every month or 15 days regularly. The circulating fluid should be prevented from being saturated, the sediment should be removed in time, and the water tank should be kept clean;

8. Monthly or regularly check the packing for fouling, impurities or damage.

9. Clean the floating objects in the water tank every month or regularly to reduce the blockage of the water pump.

10. Replace the probe and (referring to the dosing pump) every six months, and complete the system matching items according to the specifications and models provided by the original supplier.

11. Replace the packing every year or regularly to prevent aging of the packing and a large amount of adhesive;

12. Check the wear condition of the pump and the smoothness of bearings, gaskets and operation.

Exhaust gas wet scrubber circulating water replacement operation

1. If automatic water replenishment is used to replace circulating water, synchronize the adjustment of the drainage adjustment valve and manual water replenishment switch to keep the water replenishment and drainage in balance.

2. The operator should manually replace the circulating water according to the volume of the water tank and the amount of water inflow.

Possible source of abnormal operation of waste gas scrubber

1. Abnormal static pressure of washing tower:

① The support plate at the bottom of the filler may be blocked and increase the pressure drop.

②The filling material may sink due to the deposit of fouling solids and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

③If the fan pressure is not adjusted well, the airflow passing through the scrubber may be unclean due to the adjustment of the throttle valve.

2. Circulation pipeline pressure display abnormal situation:

① The filter or strainer line on the return pipe is clogged.

② The nozzle is clogged.

③The pipeline may need to be cleaned due to partial blockage of solid particles.

④ The amount of liquid is reduced, causing the pump to suck in air.

⑤ Excessive wear of the pump body sucked in foreign matter.

⑥ The inlet or outlet of the pump is improperly designed.

⑦The internal dispersion pipe is broken.

⑧ The nozzle is improperly installed or loosened.

⑨The throttling valve of the drainage part of the pump is changed to allow a large flow to pass through and must be re-adjusted.

3. Excessive droplets discharged from the outlet of the scrubber:

① Due to the partial blockage of the defogging layer, the drift phenomenon occurs and causes the collected droplets to spread out.

②The amount of influent gas exceeds the design capacity to cause droplet diffusion.

③If a filled droplet disperser is used, it may be due to the uneven flow of the filler and the diffusion of wet particles.

④ Use a filled droplet disperser. If there is a sudden influx of airflow, the filler will be flushed out or gathered to one side, forming an open "hole" where the airflow will pass unevenly.

⑤The liquid leakage disperser and support plate may be damaged and fall off, resulting in drift phenomenon.

⑥It is conceivable that during winter operation, water vapor will become visible vapor due to condensation, so that it is mistaken for a problem with the droplet diffuser. However, it must be understood that this is not an unusual phenomenon, because the gas at the outlet must be saturated with water vapor, and condensation will occur once there is a temperature difference or a lower temperature.

Sprinkler tower storage tank

4. The water tank of the washing tower is leaking and the pipe and the tower body are leaking:

②Check the corrosion resistance of the tower body material, and select the anti-corrosion material of the tower body according to the nature of the exhaust gas;

③Check the sealing performance of the joint part of the pipe fitting and whether it is firm at the right angle and the R angle of the pipe fitting;

④Whether the tower body water tank is firmly combined with the circulating water and supplementary drainage system, and the sealing is reliable;

④Whether the selection of the circulating water pump is appropriate, and whether the process meets the requirements. If it is too large or too small, it will cause long-term vibration, and the vibration of the pump will be more obvious when it is opened and closed.

⑥ The pressure of the circulating water pipe is too high, the pressure resistance of the pipe does not meet the requirements, and the pipe fittings are not well connected.



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