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Instructions for use and daily wet scrubber maintenance

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               Instructions for use and daily wet scrubber maintenance

                                                                                          1. Use of spray tower

 The wet scrubber includes water pump, water tank, tower body, packing, spray system, window inspection port, defogging layer, and discharge port.

    ①Water pump: refers to the liquid in the water tank sent to the spray distributor through the water pump and spray pipe, the dispersed packing falls to the bottom of the tower, and the gas passes through the packing layer from bottom to top for neutralization treatment, and then discharged.

    ②Window: It is used to observe whether the spray distributor is clogged and unevenly dispersed, allowing people to enter for repair and maintenance.

    ③Dosing: The water scrubber treats different waste gas and different liquids (medicine). The liquid undergoes a gas-liquid countercurrent neutralization reaction in the packing layer and is discharged after reaching the standard.

    ④Boot sequence: water pump-fan. Normal use is to turn on the water pump for 3-5 seconds, and then turn on the fan to use. The wet scrubber is easy to operate, there are no other requirements and matters.

                                                                                            2. Guide wet scrubber maintenance

    ①Pump operation: always check whether there is abnormal or abnormal noise and heating operation, and promptly report the situation to the person in charge or look for maintenance personnel.

    ②Water tank water level and cleaning: Regularly observe the water tank water level. When the water tank water level is too low, please add water in time. Open the water tank cover to check whether there are floating debris in the water tank. If there is, please clean up the dirt in time.

    ③Sprinkler distributor: regularly observe whether the sprinkler distributor (nozzle) sprays water evenly through the window. If there is uneven water distribution, remove the transparent plate of the window, disassemble the distributor (nozzle) to check whether there is blockage, deal with it in time, or notify the relevant Personnel maintenance.

    ④The fan of the gas scrubber: Regularly check the fan operating status, whether there is abnormal noise, the belt is too loose, heating or long-term operation, etc., and timely maintenance.

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