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Industrial waste gas treatment industry analysis

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1. Overview of project investment and construction in the waste gas treatment industry


In 2018, China plans to build 49 projects with a total investment of more than 285.99 yuan. Among them, in terms of the nature of the projects: 345 new projects, 32 continued projects, and 119 modified projects. The stages are divided into: 148 recent consulting projects with investment of 906.89; 175 design progress and engineering projects with investment of nearly 472.64; investment of nearly 472.64; 94 construction outsourcing and construction preparation projects with an investment of more than US$37.38; 79 projects under construction at the start of construction , The investment is more than US$869.08. From the perspective of fund availability: 200 projects have been funded, 284 projects have been cancelled, and 12 projects are expected to be introduced.

2. Current status of raw material processing industry

National and local governments formulate and implement emission standards for key industries, study and improve VOCs emission standards


In order to promote the governance of VOCs, VOCs emission standards for key industries during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period have been formulated. GB31570-2015), "Petroleum Automobile Industry Emission Standard" (GB31571-2015), "Synthetic Resin Industry Vehicle Emission Standard" (GB31572-2015) and other three national atmospheric coal emission standards. In 2016, in the "Caustic Soda and PVC Industry Emission Standards (GB15581-2016)", the current national standards for stationary source VOC emissions were expanded to 15 items. The formulation of the new standard starts from the source, the process, and the whole process. Finally, there are close emission projects, and VOC control projects have been added (currently 76 VOC control projects have been formulated). The organization has no emission control, and emission emission and management are also stipulated. The materiality principle clarifies the management requirements for unorganized emissions.


Industrial waste gas emissions

Since the formulation of emission standards is very complicated, it is formulated for VOCs and emission standards, and requires the support of corresponding basic scientific research work. Although there is a lot of work to formulate standards for key energy industries, the overall progress is slow, and industry standards are established along the river. It is still in the production process.


In accordance with the proposed national standards, the Prairie Automobile Province has clarified the industry's VOCs emission-related work targets according to different structures and directions, which is considered to be a major policy research focusing on VOCs. Beijing has issued 13 VOCs emission standards.


3. Relevant policies for the waste gas treatment industry

The implementation of the new "Environmental Protection Law" and "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law", for the work of VOCs, the key protection departments have clear supervision and meteorological monitoring. It is a large-scale heavy pollution prevention and control area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the whole province in Shandong Province and other regions, Hebei The provincial environmental protection department has adopted measures such as public inspections to strictly implement the treatment facilities with limited production, deadlines, and non-compliance, as well as unannounced visits and deadlines. Due to measures such as excessive emissions, imperfect governance facilities, abnormal operation of ecological facilities, and random discharge of facilities, the impact of enterprises on environmentally friendly production enterprises has reached a great impact and consumption. It has been punished and has been shut down. Among them, the contract mechanism of the protection department also played an important role in VOC governance and promoted the governance of VOC pollution.

4. Industry summary

Regarding the treatment of the industry, we must now work together, because nature is what all of us should do. We all live in this global village and breathe the air together. Question, I like it very much.

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