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Industrial waste gas treatment equipment selection

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Exhaust gas treatment refers to the pretreatment of exhaust gas generated in industrial sites and factory workshops before external discharge, so as to meet the national exhaust gas emission standards. General waste gas treatment includes organic waste gas treatment, dust waste gas treatment, acid and alkali waste gas treatment, odor waste gas treatment, and air sterilization and disinfection purification. Industrial waste gas treatment equipment now mainly includes photocatalytic oxidation equipment, low-temperature plasma equipment, activated carbon adsorption equipment, spray towers, etc. Then the issues that need to be considered when choosing industrial waste gas treatment equipment.

exhaust gas scrubber system

When selecting industrial waste gas treatment equipment, it is necessary to consider its technical principles, structure, accuracy, productivity, process equipment, etc., which ultimately depend on the needs of the product process. Industrial waste gas treatment equipment pollutes the surrounding environment caused by waste gas, waste liquid, waste and noise during the production process. These reports should contain detailed methods and technical measures on how to control these pollution sources, as well as predict the degree of impact on the environment. The following points need to be considered.

1. Conditions required for the operation of industrial waste gas treatment equipment

Design a safe and reliable industrial waste gas treatment device according to the nature of the waste gas (viscosity, temperature, humidity, pressure, flammability, toxicity, stability, gas type, etc.).

Activated carbon adsorption equipment

2. Equipment operation requirements and service life

The equipment is required to have a simple structure, convenient operation, and easy replacement of absorbents, adsorbents or catalysts. Our industrial waste gas treatment equipment has high fire-proof and anti-corrosion performance, safe and stable equipment performance, stainless steel material, and equipment service life of more than fifteen years.

3. Economical

The main consideration is the cost of equipment manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance, as well as the treatment of exhaust gas standards, and no secondary pollution should be caused. THY-series industrial waste gas (industrial waste gas) UV photolysis waste gas purification equipment has no mechanical action, no noise, no special management and daily maintenance, only regular inspections, low energy consumption of the equipment, extremely low wind resistance of the equipment <50pa, can be Save a lot of exhaust power energy consumption.

4. Compliance efficiency of industrial waste gas treatment

According to the emission standards promulgated by the country and the concentration of waste gas emitted by the pollution source, high-efficiency equipment is selected. If one equipment cannot meet the requirements, multiple equipment is required for multi-stage treatment. XICHENG EP LTD has 12 years of exhaust gas treatment experience and has 33 production bases in China. The company has a professional technical research and development team, sales team, production and processing team, construction and installation team.

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