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Industrial waste gas treatment equipment design and custom process

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Environmentally-friendly production is now a production method advocated by every country in the world. Waste gas and wastewater discharged from industrial production must be strictly purified and filtered. Each country and region has different air emission standards, and manufacturers must strictly abide by these regulations.

Industrial waste gas seriously pollutes the atmospheric environment. If all manufacturing enterprises produce waste gas, they need to select appropriate industrial waste gas treatment equipment and conduct waste gas treatment to meet standard emissions. How to determine the custom process for industrial waste gas treatment equipment projects? The editor of Xicheng Environmental Protection will take you to understand the specific strategy.

First, consultation on preliminary waste gas treatment projects: analyze the application environment and waste gas generation volume of manufacturers who need to install waste gas treatment equipment, further communicate relevant parameters, and provide customers with waste gas treatment requirements (exhaust gas volume, waste gas concentration, temperature, waste gas pressure, waste gas composition), The processing standards that should be reached, etc.), complete the initial cooperation intention;

When consulting exhaust gas treatment equipment, you must inspect the exhaust gas spray purification tower manufacturer to confirm its strength to ensure the quality of the equipment and after-sales service.

Second, make customized plans for application scenarios: Engineers provide design drawings according to customers, or conduct on-site inspections of the construction site, clarify high-quality design plans, construction requirements, project budgets, project schedules, etc., and sign formal cooperation contracts.

Third, the spray tower manufacturer produces according to the design plan drawings and strictly follows the production process to ensure the waste gas treatment equipment's reliable quality.


Fourth, the installation of scrubber waste gas treatment equipment: provide a professional installation group to install and debug the product.

Fifth, post-maintenance and after-sales service: When there is a problem with the product, communication and maintenance are first carried out.

The above is about the industrial waste gas treatment process. China Xicheng is a professional manufacturer of waste gas treatment equipment. The main products are: PP spray tower, scrubber, activated carbon adsorption tower, PP duct, flame retardant duct, PP sheet, electric wind Valves, etc.; for related needs, you can contact our company to obtain a customized quotation plan for professional exhaust gas treatment equipment.

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