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Industrial air pollution solutions?

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Prevention and control of air pollution is a huge systematic project, which requires the joint efforts of individuals, groups, countries, and even countries around the world. The following measures can be considered:

1. Reduce pollutant emissions. Reforming the energy structure, using more non-polluting energy (such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower), solar energy and low-polluting energy (such as natural gas), pre-processing fuel (such as desulfurization before burning coal), and improving combustion technology can reduce the Sewage discharge. In addition, before the pollutants enter the atmosphere, the use of dust removal and smoke elimination technology, condensation technology, wet scrubber adsorption technology, activated carbon filtration equipment, recovery and treatment technology, etc. to eliminate some pollutants in the exhaust gas can reduce the amount of pollutants entering the atmosphere.

2. Control emissions and make full use of atmospheric self-purification capabilities. With different meteorological conditions, the capacity of the atmosphere for pollutants is different, and the same amount of pollutants is discharged, resulting in different concentrations of pollutants. For areas and periods with strong wind, good ventilation, strong turbulence and strong convection, the atmospheric diffusion and dilution ability is strong, and more factories, mines and enterprises can be accepted. In areas and periods of temperature inversion, the ability of atmospheric diffusion and dilution is weak, so it cannot accept more pollutants, otherwise serious air pollution will be caused. Therefore, effective control of emissions should be carried out in different regions and at different time periods.

Exhaust gas treatment equipment

3. The site selection, chimney design, urban and industrial area planning, etc. should be reasonable, and the emission of air should not be excessively concentrated, and repeated and superimposed pollution should not be caused, resulting in serious pollution incidents in local areas.

4. Greening and afforestation: The dense forest can reduce the wind speed and reduce the large particles of dust carried in the air. The surface of the leaves is rough and uneven, and some have fluff, and some can secrete mucus and oil, so they can absorb a lot of dust. After being washed by rain, the dusty leaves can continue to absorb floating dust. Such reciprocating interception and adsorption of dust can purify the air.

5. Improve the emission supervision of enterprises and production departments, carry out exhaust emission control for highly polluting enterprises, and reduce exhaust emissions by installing exhaust gas treatment equipment.

6. Intensify the development of environmental protection, and develop and produce more effective environmental protection equipment.

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