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Industrial High Pressure FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower

Glass fiber reinforced plastic fan refers to the material of FRP,Its appearance, size and steel fan exactly the same, but the shell and impeller for the glass fiber reinforced plastic material,The biggest feature is corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, belonging to a kind of anti-corrosion fan。We are equipped with PP fan, high efficiency fan blade, according to different circumstances and conditions, choose different fan type。
  • XC-05


  • 8414593000

FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower

Product Description  

FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower the bending strength of not less than 196Mpa, each section with smooth, smooth surface, no cracks, gaps, burrs and other defects, the overall effect is good, the fan to do static balance test, according to the "balance precision" rigid rotor, grade G6.3 level, from the cylinder wall gap 30mm tip and the error is no more than 10mm, the fan aerodynamic reasonable, large volume, low noise, high efficiency, corrosion resistance.  

Working principle of FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower

The principle of FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower When the motor rotates to drive the fan impeller to rotate, the gas between the blades in the impeller also rotates, and the gas is thrown out under the action of centrifugal force, and the gas flow rate increases, so that the gas converts kinetic energy during the flow It is the static pressure energy, and then with the pressurization of the fluid, the static pressure energy is converted into velocity energy, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust port, and a certain negative pressure is formed in the middle of the impeller. Because the inlet is negative pressure, the external gas Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the air is filled immediately, and the gas is continuously discharged and filled under the action of the continuous rotation of the impeller, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous blowing. Under the same power, wind pressure and air volume are generally inversely proportional. Under the same power, if the wind pressure is high, the air volume will be relatively low, and if the air volume is large, the wind pressure will be lower, so that the power efficiency of the motor can be fully utilized.

FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower Features

1. chassis production process is as follows: the case can also be made of cold rolling steel plate surface treatment.

2. impeller manufacturing process is as follows: suitable for office buildings, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals, factories workshop, basements and other places where the ventilation exhaust, the delivery should be the gas does not contain viscous substances, and the gas temperature is not greater than 80 degrees, not more than 150mg/ M3. media content quality.  

FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower parameters  
Specification Power Wind velocity Wind resistance
XC-FJ-3 1.5KW 2000m⊃3;/h 1145Pa
XC-FJ-3.6 2.2KW 4000m⊃3;/h 1150Pa
XC-FJ-5.5 4.0KW 6000m⊃3;/h 1000Pa
XC-FJ-6 5.5KW 8000m⊃3;/h 1100Pa

FRP Exhaust Centrifugal Blower Product Pictures  

FRP anti-corrosion fan

FRP centrifugal fan

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Company Information  

Shenzhen Xicheng Environmental Teachnology Co., LTD. is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen. It is an environmental protection equipment manufacturer which has been focusing on the environmental protection industry for many years and specializing in the production and sales of environmental protection equipment and various accessories.
With the aims of "Quality First, Mutual Benefit, Cooperation and Win-Win", our company is directed by market demand and has independently developed new varieties to satisfy different industries' needs for the differences and diversification of plastics.


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Our Services  

The products can be customized according to customers' requirments and drawings.

Our company can send professional engineers to guide device installation and provide a professional plan.

Our equipment will have a one-year life of quality assurance, repair and replacement are guranteed.



1. Q. Are you a trading company or manufacture?

A:   We are manufacture; we have our professional manufacturing teams and technicians

2. Q. How long is the warranty of your equipment?

A:  One year warranty, in the meanwhile, quality inspection before delivery; during the warranty period, we can replace the damaged consumables for free, after the warranty period, we have a good price for consumables for our customers.

3. Q: Do you have technical support?

A: Our Company is responsible for installation and debugging of equipment, meanwhile, responsible for the technology and operation training for user operator.

4.   Q:  Is overseas after-sales service available?

A: Yes, and after installation we will teach you basic operation and maintenance method.

5.   Q:  May I customize my own equipment?

A: Yes, please inform us your needs in details and we will design the facility per your data.



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