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Industrial Air Pollution Waste Gas Scrubber

It is suitable for the treatment of waste gas with low concentration and non-single components. The granular dust, smoke and grease can be removed through the water shower tower. The treated waste gas is absorbed by the activated carbon adsorption tower. The function of the water shower tower is to purify the waste gas and prevent particles. The like substances block the activated carbon adsorption tower and reduce the adsorption efficiency. The scrubber + activated carbon adsorption is considered the most effective exhaust gas purification combined device.
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The washing tower is composed of a tower body, packing, gas-water separator, liquid distributor, spray system, circulating water tank, circulating water pump, chemical liquid storage and dosing system and other units. The scrubbing tower can also be called a spray tower or a water shower tower. The packing layer in the tower is used as a mass transfer device for the contact components between gas and liquid phases. The bottom of the packing tower is equipped with packing support plates, and the packing is placed on the support plates in a random pile.

A packing pressure plate is installed above the packing to prevent it from being blown by the rising airflow. The spray liquid is sprayed onto the packing from the top of the tower through the liquid distributor and flows down the surface of the packing. The gas is fed in from the bottom of the tower, and after being distributed by the gas distribution device, it continuously passes through the gaps in the packing layer in countercurrent with the liquid. On the surface of the packing, the gas and liquid two phases are in close contact for mass transfer.

Exhaust gas scrubber system

The use of exhaust gas scrubbers can effectively control air pollution and reduce the emission of harmful gases during control.

Working principle of exhaust gas scrubber

The working principle of the exhaust gas scrubber is to make the gas and liquid flow countercurrently, so that the harmful substances in the exhaust gas are adsorbed by the purification liquid, and then the adsorbed liquid is subjected to sewage treatment.

Exhaust gas scrubber often use PP materials, but there are also stainless steel and carbon steel materials. The most common one is PP, because PP is more corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and looks better.

1. Check the liquid level of the circulating tank before starting. When the circulating fluid is insufficient, replenish it in time and ensure the concentration of the circulating fluid.

2. After checking, start the main power supply with one button, then start the circulation pump and start the fan in turn.

3. After the equipment has been running for 30 minutes, check that the temperature of the fan bearing housing is 60-80°C, and check whether the windmill has frictional sound and no obvious vibration.

4. Check whether the circulating pump is operating normally, whether it is leaking, and whether the nozzle sprays water normally.

5. Check whether each valve is in the correct position.

6. Check whether the water pump is operating normally, and regularly check and clean the impurities in the nozzle head.

7. It is strictly forbidden to pour large amounts of high-concentration medicines.

8. Before shutting down, check whether each part of the components is operating normally, turn off the automatic water replenishment valve, open the drain valve, reduce the water level by 1/4-1/3, turn off the circulating water pump, and drain the water for about 10-20 minutes until the water level drops by 15- 20cm, then turn off the fan and turn off the power.



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