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Importance of Industrial Air Pollution Control

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Industrial production is an important source of air pollution. There are many kinds of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by industrial production, including soot, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, organic compounds, halides, carbon compounds, etc. Some of them are soot and some are gas.

Types of industrial air pollution, the main pollutants are soot, sulfur dioxide, in addition, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and bronchial tumors. If the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere is very high, and there is no wind and foggy weather, the pollutants are not easy to disperse, which will cause many people to get sick, which is acute poisoning.

The concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere is generally very low. If these low concentrations of pollutants enter the body continuously for a long time, people will show symptoms of disease after a long time, which is chronic poisoning. Chronic poisoning is not easy to be discovered due to the long incubation period, so the harm is more serious.

In addition, air pollution can also cause cancer. The main carcinogens are benzopyrene and Pb-containing compounds. In particular, benzopyrene has the strongest effect on causing lung cancer. Benzopyrene is abundant in burning coal, driving cars and cigarette smoke.

Air pollution in cities is getting worse

According to the provisions of Section 2 of Chapter 4 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution, the main measures for the prevention and control of industrial pollution are as follows:

1. Cleaner production. Iron and steel, building materials, non-ferrous metals, petroleum, chemical and other enterprises that discharge dust, sulfides and nitrogen oxides in the production process shall adopt clean production processes, and build equipment such as dust removal, waste gas scrubbers, acid-base scrubbers, etc., or adopt technological transformation. and other measures to control the emission of air pollutants.

Wet scrubber system waste gas treatment equipment

2. Strictly control volatilization. For the production, import, sale and use of raw materials and products containing volatile organic compounds, the content of volatile organic compounds shall meet the quality standards or requirements.

3. Leak recovery. Petroleum, chemical and other enterprises that produce and use organic solvents should take measures to carry out routine maintenance and repair of pipelines and equipment to reduce material leakage. The leaked materials should be collected and disposed of in a timely manner.

4. Control emissions. Steel, building materials, non-ferrous metals, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral mining and other enterprises should carry out refined management, take measures such as centralized collection and treatment, and strictly control the discharge of dust and gaseous pollutants.

5. Recycling. The combustible gas generated by industrial production, landfill or other activities shall be recycled, and if the recycling conditions are not met, pollution prevention and treatment shall be carried out.

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