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How to protect individuals when air pollution is severe?

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Air pollution is already a very common environmental problem. Severe air pollution will seriously affect our normal lives, cause respiratory diseases, and interfere with daily travel. How should we protect against air pollution?

● Wear a protective mask: To block air particles, wearing a protective mask is still the most effective method, but not everyone can wear it. For example, children are not suitable. People with special conditions such as asthma and emphysema should consult a physician before wearing protective masks.

Wear a protective mask

Close doors and windows: Under normal circumstances, opening windows for ventilation is the best way to improve indoor air quality. But when the outdoor air quality is poor, doors and windows should be closed.

Install an air purifier: It is worth noting that you should choose a cleaner that does not produce ozone and other by-products during use. During use, the filter and adsorption materials should be replaced regularly according to the instructions to prevent secondary pollution.

●Reduce going out/outdoor exercise: reduce going out, especially those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic pharyngitis, allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease, and the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc.

Smog is generally more severe in the morning and will gradually decrease in the afternoon and evening. Therefore, it is best to suspend morning exercises in haze and try to change outdoor activities indoors.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: wash your face, hands, gargle, and clean your nasal cavity when you enter the room after going out on a hazy day to prevent PM2.5 from harming the human body. It is best to use warm water when washing your face, which will help to wash away the particles on the face; when cleaning the nasal cavity, you can use a clean cotton swab to wash repeatedly with water, or often use the nose to gently absorb moisture and quickly blow your nose, while avoiding coughing.

A light diet is recommended: Eat more vitamins and antioxidant foods, which can help eliminate free radicals formed in the body by the carcinogens carried by PM2.5; eat less irritating foods and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement various vitamins and inorganic substances Salt, nourishes the lungs, relieves dryness, expectorants and relieves cough, invigorates the spleen and kidneys; you can also eat more tofu, milk and other foods; in addition, homemade throat tea is also a good choice, which can solve the problem of dry throat and cough. At the same time, reduce the harm of air pollution to the lungs.

Reduce smoking or even no smoking: Smoking can cause the PM2.5 concentration to rise instantly and cause direct or indirect health hazards to surround people. If you can’t stop the people around you from smoking, try to stay away from the smoke.

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