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How to process PP sheet into PP water tank?

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XICHENG EP LTD. specializes in industrial waste gas purification services. We can provide waste gas equipment design and processing, PP anti-corrosion equipment manufacturing. With professional CNC processing equipment and reel forming machinery, we provide PP anticorrosion equipment design, processing and installation services . The main products are PP wet scrubber, PP water tank, PP activated carbon adsorption tank, etc. This article mainly explains how to process PP water tank with PP board.

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PP water tank drawing design

Drawing is required. According to user needs, use AUTO CAD drawing software to draw the outline size, length, width and height of the PP water tank. It should be noted that the bottom plate and top plate of the PP water tank must be pulled out of the edge according to the specification, that is, to leave a welding space. XICHENG EP LTD. reserves about 40mm of space in accordance with the specifications.

PP water tank design planning

Pay attention to the actual volume and plate thickness of the PP water tank. Some customers give size requirements. If the inner size of the PP water tank is clarified, then the thickness of the PP board should be deducted when drawing the picture. If the customer gives the volume requirement, It is necessary to clarify whether it is the actual volume or the effective volume. If the effective volume is given by the customer, then when designing the PP water tank, it is often necessary to enlarge it and leave 5 % of the space. Of course, the external size must be considered. Some rated customers In order to save the installation space, the external dimensions have been enlarged and cannot be put in.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Confirmation of PP water tank design drawings

It is necessary for the customer to determine the drawing, and the drawing can be made without any problem. Then how to process the PP water tank with the PP board is a matter of production.

PP water tank production and processing

After the production workshop gets the picture, if it is a square PP water tank, it needs to be discharged first, because the engraving machine needs to cut the material, and the size must be accurate. The position of the 4 side panels must be considered, whether the long side wraps the short side or the short side wraps long side. Secondly, pay attention to the elevation of the hole. For example, if a DN25 flange is to be installed on one side, the hole should be 32mm when engraving and cutting, because the outer diameter of the DN25 tube is 32mm.

After the material is cut, the next is the splicing of the PP water tank. After splicing and forming according to the requirements of the drawings, the flat holder of the PP welding gun is used, and the high-position spot welding is adopted to fix the shape, and then the triangle electrode can be used for welding. According to the process requirements, determine Welding electrode types and welding methods mainly include flat welding electrodes and triangular welding electrodes. Welding methods mainly include conventional welding and blow welding. Normally, when the water tank is under normal pressure, conventional welding is used. If there is pressure, blow welding is required. The main considerations are To the strength of the PP water tank.

After the PP water tank is formed, the water tank needs to be strengthened. There are two ways to strengthen, one is internal reinforcement, the inside of the water tank is welded by welding with tic-frame welding, and the other is external reinforcement welding , using flanges, hoops and channel ladle The way to strengthen the tank, the actual strengthening method of the PP water tank depends on the previous design, and the purpose of the design strengthening is to increase the strength of the water tank.

After the PP water tank is strengthened, the next work is to weld the flange. The PP plastic flange needs to pay attention to the extension length and the strengthening method. Some flanges need to have a certain load-bearing function, such as: installing a level gauge, which has a certain weight, It is fully stressed on the flange. At this time, the PP flange needs to be strengthened with triangular support.

After the production of the PP water tank is completed, XICHENG EP LTD. needs to spend a certain amount of labor cost to modify the appearance, wipe clean, clean up the garbage inside the water tank, do a water filling experiment to ensure that there is no leakage, and then arrange the delivery.

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